Your character can be recognized by the eggs for breakfast

How do you like to cook eggs for breakfast?

The answer to this question will be able to tell about your personality more than you think.

At least, this is what Dr. Jane Cox, an expert on human behavior, thinks.

In his opinion, the most popular types of boiling eggs indicate one of the following types of people: an adherent of traditions, an individualist, a joker / comedian or a person who loves specifics and does not tolerate excessive chatter.

How to know the nature of a person

According to a specialist, the way you eat food expresses your individuality and can say a lot about your character.

Your reliability, adventurism or sensitivity can be recognized by the way you eat eggs - dunk bread in them, just eat with a spoon, pick out the yolk, etc.

If you like to dip bread in the yolk, for example, then you have a light character, and you are distinguished by stability. And if you like, for example, you just like to eat an egg without any extra movements, then you just don’t like to waste your time, as you save it.

Factors determining the nature

Here is what experts can tell about the nature of people by the way they consume eggs:

We dip bread or bacon in the yolk

It is known that the British adore eggs for breakfast, it is worth noting that almost half of them like to eat soft-boiled eggs, dipping a piece of yolk toast or bacon. This conclusion was reached by experts from the company The Happy Egg Co.

This way of eating eggs suggests that a person is different, and also indicates that he is an adherent of traditions.

Spoon eat first yolk

If you like to eat the yolk first, then you tend to plan your affairs without further ado. On the way to the goal, you do not stop for a smoke break, but just do what you need to do.

Inverted egg

If, you turn the egg with a blunt end up to open it, it means that you are not trying to adjust to the circumstances. If you do not like something, you step back from it, and look for more suitable options for you.

Fried eggs or fried eggs on toast

If you like to eat eggs this way, then you are a practical person, and also you can have a wonderful sense of humor.

How do you cook eggs

Poached egg

Lovers of this breakfast are very friendly and on average happier than other people. However, they also have a mysterious and elusive soul. These qualities attract other people. Such people are also quite mundane, even if they are richer or more famous than others.

Hard boiled eggs

According to the study. If you like hard-boiled eggs, that you are a rather impulsive person, a bit unorganized, but at the same time try to lead a healthy lifestyle. You don't really care what other people think of you. You are athletic and take care of your health.


Omelet lovers are disciplined people. Most likely you are always clean in the house and you play the role of a parent among your friends. You are good at organizing meetings. You seek diversity and are rarely content with one thing. Such personality traits can create problems in the organization of personal life.

Yolk up

Someone is not very important, how to shift the eggs from the pan on a plate, but for some it is important that the yolk be exactly on top. If you cook such eggs, then it speaks about your sunny attitude to people. This quality allows you to make new friends.Thanks to this character trait, you can get into a rather strong romantic relationship. You like to travel, but most often you find yourself on the shores of the sea, lake or river with a book in hand. Most of the adventures you experience with the heroes of the books, rather than in real life.

Scrambled eggs

Despite the fact that the dish itself looks chaotic, the one who prepares it for himself is a rather collected person who keeps order.

If you like scrambled eggs, then you have very true friends. You can be conservative, and you are always friendly.

Fried egg

If you love these eggs, then you are most likely hardworking, while doing your job conscientiously. The study revealed that most lovers of this dish work as plumbers, auto mechanics, welders, cooks and butchers. If you cook such scrambled eggs for yourself, then at first it is difficult to find an approach for you, but as soon as the person knows you well, you become good buddies.

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