Wooden lamps in the form of a lamp

Materials and tools:

  1. wooden board;
  2. LED strip;
  3. power supply for LED strip;
  4. cable;
  5. PVA glue;
  6. sandpaper;
  7. jigsaw;
  8. hammer and nails;
  9. 6 and 16 mm drill bit
  10. screwdriver;
  11. drill;
  12. soldering iron;
  13. frezer.

Step 1

Download and print the lamp pattern or draw by yourself. Cut template.

We cut off a block of 30x20 cm and a thickness of 4.5 cm from the board. We need three such blocks. To begin with, we transfer the inner part of the template to the blocks (for convenience, it is better to print three templates at once and glue them to the blocks using spray adhesive). Important: use a jigsaw to cut out only the inside, it is necessary to fix the block well when working with a router.

Fix all three blocks using self-tapping screws. Now, using a router, we make a recess (groove) for the LED strip on the inner surface.

At the end of the "step" with a jigsaw, cut along the outer contour of the lamp and finish the finished workpiece with emery paper.

Step 2

Thread the cable through the hole in the base of the lamp and lay the LED strip in the chute. Repeat the same with other lamps.

Pass the other end of the cable through the hole in the base. At this moment, it is adjustable at what height each lamp will hang from the base, to fix it, we tie a knot on the cable so that it does not slip through the base hole.

At the end, we connect the wires to the power supply and place everything (wires and power supply) neatly in the base box.

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