Wonderful tracing paper: parchment technique (Pergamano)

This art originated in Europe many centuries ago, back in the Middle Ages, nuns used this technique to create works of a religious orientation, made out with its help bookmarks for Holy Writ. Now this technique is reviving and strengthening its positions. This is not surprising, because transparency, openwork and apparent ease will captivate everyone who has ever seen something like that.

Pergamano- This is a technique of working with parchment paper (tracing paper), for the processing of which embossing and punching are used. Manufacturing technology is as follows: on a template with a picture a sheet of tracing paper is fixed (the tracing paper should be special, the usual clerical will not work, but more on that a little later). White pencil drawing is transferred from the template to tracing paper, the result is the front side of the postcard. Next you need to remove tracing paper from the template, turn it over and put it on the mat. The embossing tool can be drawn around a drawing,and with a tool for piercing (stick-pencil) - to make the necessary holes (from the front), if you wish, you can decorate the drawing and cut out the necessary parts from it. At the end of work, uneven pencil lines are gently removed with an eraser.

Now back to the paper. For this technique you need a dense tracing paper - 150 g / m², the usual tracing paper is too thin and does not withstand strong pressure, the tracing paper for pergamano differs also in that it is covered with a special wax, thanks to which, under the pressure on the tracing paper, there remains a white trace, which is an additional decoration.

Here are some tools you might need for Pergamano:

  • Prikel-pencils (tools for piercing). They are of different types - with several needles in one handle (the number can reach up to 12 needles), with the help of such a tool you can easily and easily make a drop, a flower, and just any geometric form from small holes;
  • Embossing pencil (different diameter of balls and different intensity of pressure during embossing will allow to achieve a beautiful volume and shades of gray and white colors);
  • Pattern for the picture;
  • Watercolor pencils;
  • Wax crayons or crayons;
  • Multicolored mascara;
  • A fountain pen;
  • Sharp scissors (you can special scrap, you can just manicure).

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