Women's boots - what can they be?

The wool house offers every woman to feel like a real queen in her house, what do you need for this? And it's enough just to be the owner of beautiful female home boots. Very good combination of fleece covering outside and natural sheep wool of merino sheep inside. Such soft and comfortable shoes allow you to feel a sense of real comfort.

After all, many women are constantly in motion, constantly go a lot, work. Coming home tired, you always want to relieve tension, swelling of the legs that have accumulated during the day. He will cope with this problem, you will be helped by homemade boots, with a convenient slit at the back. This cut leaves half of the eggs open, allows you to quickly and easily wear them.

Homemade boots for women from warm lamb's wool are made of different models, and you can choose the right models for yourself: short and high, when the length covers the calves.Such home shoes, looks stylish and elegant.

The material for making the soles of all models of boots is EVA, it is durable enough, wear-resistant, lightweight, provides good cushioning during walking. It is worth noting that in the production of soft boots, glue is not used, all parts of the product are sewn by hand, which ensures their high quality.

It is a pleasure to wear homemade warm boots, because the wool of fine-wool sheep has only useful properties due to the hygroscopicity of the material, self-cleaning, good thermal conductivity, breathability. Layers between thin fibers of wool allow air to circulate well, as a result, there is no unpleasant odor. Legs in boots made of sheep's wool are not cold, and most importantly, they do not overheat, full comfort is felt with a constant toe. If you have excessive sweating of the legs, then such home footwear made of sheep wool will ensure dryness of the legs, because the sheep wool absorbs excess moisture, so the shoes and feet remain completely dry.

Special care for such shoes is not required: it will be enough to wash your hands in cool water.Such care will allow to preserve all the properties of merino sheep wool, providing an antibacterial effect for a long time, reducing the development of harmful microorganisms. Periodically cleaning the woolen shoes and adhering to all the requirements for care, you can be completely sure that it will serve you for many years and will delight your appearance.

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