With the help of paint from a can, the old chair turned into a highlight of the interior.

The author of this project, Cammy, found an old, battered armchair on the sale of a used goods store. Strictly speaking, it was not even a sale: the store was closed and all the remaining goods were distributed free of charge, on conditions of self-export. Kammy was not afraid of the large amount of work and brought home a vinyl chair with damaged upholstery.

Not the most beautiful piece of furniture, but for free. And it can be brought to mind.

The lower part of the chair was textile, and the top had a lot of defects. At the disposal of the girl was an old vinyl bag, which she gave her grandmother. It was from her Cammy carved out parts for repairing upholstery. To begin with, the chair had to be completely disassembled and cleaned.

Some parts were too large defects, so the upholstery had to be completely replaced.The girl did not have to pick up the vinyl of a similar color, because she planned to paint the chair. A vinyl of a similar texture was in her possession.

Armchair planned to make a bright green. Before painting the vinyl, Cammy covered the vinyl with a special primer. After it, the paint will fall flat on any surface and last longer.

Starting from the rich bright color of the vinyl part, the girl made decisions and make the bottom outstanding. It is covered with textiles with a pattern that simulates zebra skin. As a pattern is very convenient to use the old upholstery. The fabric was attached to the chair by a stapler for furniture.

That the chair was soft and kept its shape, Cammy added a batting to his padding. She decided not to recolor her legs, she only refreshed the varnish on them.

In support of her project, Cammy built a small but comfortable footrest in the same style. The old furniture, unnecessary to nobody, played with new colors. The girl notes that the armchair has been serving her for more than a month, and the paint is kept perfectly.

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