Winter treats: pepper in a barrel

Pepper is a very useful vegetable, besides, it is excellent as a side dish for any type of meat, goes well with other vegetables and can become an indispensable ingredient for snacks. You did not try to cook pepper in the barrel for the winter? Be sure to pay attention to this method, and then even in the cold you will be able to please your home with healthy vegetables.

pickling pepper in a barrel
Salting pepper in a barrel is a proven method of canning.
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10 liters2 stack
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:40 minutes

Pickled pepper in a barrel

Give up the usual cans and remember how our grandmothers made pickles. They used only barrels for this. This method is less energy intensive. And the pepper will have an unusual, but very piquant taste.

The process of salting will take some time, but it is worth the wait, then to enjoy a tasty treat. You will need:

  • water - 10 liters;
  • pepper - 5 kg;
  • salt - 2 tbsp.

Please note that you only need to take green or yellow bell pepper, but in no case red. From the latter, after such salting, only one peel remains.

Barrel need to choose wooden and ceramic.You can also use a plastic cap with a cut off tip. Discard the enamelled container, because salt corrodes the enamel, which spoils the dishes.

Normal water will do. Boil it is not necessary. If you doubt its purity, then simply pass the liquid through the filter.

Each peppercorn in several places to pierce with a fork and lay down in a barrel. Add salt to the water and mix well. The main thing is that the solution covers the entire pepper. Cover the vegetables with a cotton cloth and put the oppression on top. After some time, the contents of the barrel will be halved. Mold will appear on the napkin. It must be removed and rinsed with a cloth. After 10-15 days the pepper will be ready. It is great for kebabs, meatballs, and chops for meat.

Bitter pepper in a barrel: a recipe

You can prepare for the winter and hot pepper. To do this, the pods must be carefully cleaned of seeds. They contain essential oils that give bitterness to vegetables. In this case, you need to use spices: parsley, celery, dill. The proportions for brine are as follows: for 3 liters of water 1 kg of salt.

Put greens on the bottom of the barrel (no need to cut it), then lay out the pepper and pour in the brine.You can pin down the oppression, but so that it does not interfere with the access of air. That is, the top of the dishes do not close completely. Pepper will be ready in 10-12 days. During storage, you need to periodically add water so that the vegetables are always in brine.

Pepper in a barrel is a simple but tasty delicacy.

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