Will there be war in Russia?

From the very beginning, we want to emphasize that the article is not predictive, but only an informative reflection. After all, the topic unwittingly becomes very relevant. And many are already worried about whether there will be a war in Russia.

World War

Analysis of the development of the current situation, in the process of deepening economic, ethnic and religious crises, foreshadows the possibility that our state can again become an object of aggression. At the same time, a common scenario of possible confrontation will fully reflect the bunch of participants and contradictions of past world wars. But is Russia ready for war and with whom, in fact, to fight?

As for the first possible side, the coalition formed by the NATO member states with the participation of the United States can be the aggressor. It’s not just the fact that the exclusively discussed military alliance did not cease to exist under the conditions of the alleged absence of a potential adversary, which was the Warsaw Pact bloc. Moreover, the rearmament of the armed countries of NATO, as well as the modernization of existing weapons, is constantly continuing.

From the opposite side, we should not forget about the historical process of mutual relations between Russia and China, as well as China and the United States. These relations objectively show that modern China is more favored by the United States. However, this also indicates its some democratization and demilitarization. As for the Asian state being discussed, despite its desire for combat readiness, China will refrain until the very last moment. The East will threaten directly only in the event of threats of loss by Russia of its territories in the Far East and in Siberia.

Whether a war threatens Russia, the conditional provocateurs of which can be states that were previously part of the USSR (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine). The experience of recent years, as well as the mistakes made recently by the leadership of these countries, show that yes.

Ways to avoid war

In order to neutralize the Islamic factor in the North Caucasus, as well as in the countries of Central Asia, it would be wise to strengthen all-round relations with Afghanistan, as well as with Iran, offering them our assistance.

To restrain China, it is necessary to develop and maintain cooperation with Vietnam, as well as India. And in order to at least somewhat neutralize the aspirations of Japan, you should not go on about their demands.

Civil War

After a brief acquaintance with the foreign policy situation, let us think whether a war is possible in Russia? That is, precisely in Russia: internal war, civil war.

You do not need to be a professional analyst to see with your naked eye that the current Russian management system is living its last time. In its current form, it can no longer work. A huge amount of materials indicates a dead end system. The budget of any level is no longer capable of investing money without stealing, the majority of judges are not judged without an order, and any elections are not presented without any fraud.

From this, it seems quite clear, the way out for financial-industrial groups, which in a simpler language would be called mafia formations. Strengthen and maintain control over capital and resources is possible. But perhaps this is only by restarting the structure of power, changing its institutions to those that will be much tougher. It is civil war that answers these tasks perfectly.It is desirable, of course, very small, in order to destroy less.

Who to fight with whom? Of course, the Russians will not go to war with the Russians. There are no ideas like splitting up society and families just like it was at the beginning of the last century. But there is in fact in our country another community. First of all, we are talking about a certain stratum of citizens of Chechnya, Ingushetia, as well as a rapidly gaining mass of a similar stratum of other nationalities of the North Caucasus. They are just destined to be a kind of "wick". After all, it is in the policy of the North Caucasus that we are witnessing the coming glow of civil war. Fantastic highs of the Chechen elite. The adoption at the highest level of the program “on the resettlement of surplus workers of the Caucasus”, supported by enormous financial resources.

Do not forget about the program "the return of compatriots." These young citizens who have never worked, do not have the skills of a normal and modern peaceful life, or education, and they are destined to light the fires of a new civil war. Of course, if she does, God forbid, happen.

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