Why do girls fall in love?

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Why do girls fall in love?

The state of love is wonderful by nature. Many creations of geniuses are created in such a euphoric state. Love is when you want to sing and dance for no reason, but you breathe so easily that you want to fly into the clouds and fall to the ground without fear. This is when everything is possible and all is possible. This is a wonderful feeling, which is a great joy and reward.

Girlish love

The reasons why girls fall in love are many. It may be the desire to find a couple and start a family when a girl falls in love with a familiar guy or friend, or an unstoppable feeling when a girl, unwittingly, falls in love with a famous person - a singer or film actor, and starts going crazy with him.

Types of Love

Unattainable love

In famous people, girls most often fall in love when there is no one else to fall in love with. Familiar guys do not cause any interest, and the young soul requires romance.And so by itself it turns out that the object of adoration becomes the inaccessible person that you love at a distance, which you rave about and worship. This is the so-called transshipment point, love, from which you can refuse at any time, if a �live� bidder appears on the horizon.

Real love

There are also reasons why girls fall in love with guys who are close by, which you can touch, with whom you can talk. First and foremost, this desire to find your soul mate, to love and be loved, to think and care about someone. Often, love turns into a more serious feeling - love, which indicates the seriousness of the relationship in the couple.

Love and creativity

Creative girls can fall in love in order to get the energy needed to create their creations. In this case, love acts as a means of achieving the goal and almost never turns into love.

Fake love

There are girls who love is necessary in order to satisfy their sexual desires. There is some morality in this, since sex without feelings is called unleashing.But often in such a situation, the feeling of love is deceptive, because it is based on a thoughtful satisfaction of their desires. And love is a state of mind that is very difficult and almost impossible to fake.

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