Why is sex for girls - not fun, but the road to marriage?

No, do not get it wrong, because the culture of classical marriages existed in many countries. But by the end of the last century, the people began to somehow relax on the topic of cliches: incomes grew, the world situation leveled off, and looking for a couple for half a century ahead was no longer the only goal in life. People began to take care of themselves, to travel, to get to know each other, and for the pleasure of plotting not compound novels, but stormy one-night visits. No, even this way: “ONE NIGHT!” - in the voice of the angry hostess of the hostess, who was waiting for the affair and now is violently going to peck up the shameless gossip.

Well, what if even for one night?

For a man, do not worry, he has us sharpened to quickly get pleasure with a minimum amount of the cost of compliments and bills in restaurants. But many girls after this ONE SINGLE NIGHT for some reason still feel uncomfortable.And even if sex was objectively cool. And the point here is not in individual modest flirts, but in the well-established exchange scheme that society offers the girl to use in case of any sexual contact. You have sex with him, he gives you hope for the future. Allegedly, if every girl is sleeping and sees herself exclusively as a half of a couple, then she will consider sex as an investment in the prospect of moving from lonely status to “In a relationship” status.

Why is sex for girls - not fun, but the road to marriage?
Why is sex for girls - not fun, but the road to marriage?

Here it is, the most desired moment for men: the meeting goes to the bedroom. He is already looking forward to all the most pleasant things that will happen in the near future, but she is nervous and can not relax. Because again, no one has canceled the scheme described above: while the body is rightly waiting for caresses and pleasures, the brain cannot relax. And then she begins to analyze the facts of his biography, heard on a date (yes, he is a promising candidate!), Then she remembers the casual phrase-pockets, wanting to see a lively interest in them (well, just fell in love at first sight, just to say just shy right now!) And continues continue to dream about the idea of ​​sharing the perfect breakfast, after which they will never part.

That's the way, while men see sex as sex and enjoy it, women try to find persevering signs of relationships somewhere - and only after making sure of their presence, they give themselves the right to enjoy the carnal pleasures. And even in this situation, her true pleasure will not come on this very first night, but at the moment she is elected, she will be called "my girlfriend" and will be allowed to bring a comb with a toothbrush to his rented apartment. The patriarchal system in all its glory. And clickable articles with the headings "On what date can you sleep?" - her campaign posters.

Why is sex for girls - not fun, but the road to marriage?

Why is sex for girls - not fun, but the road to marriage?

It seems that the culture of relations in our country is already being formed: modern, respectful, honest and convenient for both partners. The people argue about the inadmissibility of violence, the importance of personal boundaries, the financial independence of the “halves”. Obviously, things are not as bad as in the culture of sex, which would also be important to form. It is sex, not sex for the sake of a relationship or, even worse, sex as a trap for relationships. Want a long-running romance with all its bonuses? Then do not bargain with views and say honestly: all these pranks of yours do not interest me, let's better go to the exhibition and get to know each other.Then a man will not have to pretend that he already has strong feelings for you, although in reality it was just an intense orgasm.

Let's not give out sex once a week for the rocky path to eternal love with its inherent difficulties on the road. Nobody argues that you have every chance of turning into a strong couple one day, but now it’s just sex, and you both definitely like it, since you all come back and return to each other

Perhaps, in order to give free rein to this very culture of sex, we just need to be more honest with ourselves and with our partners. Do not manipulate, do not calculate, do not blackmail, do not cheat, but just get acquainted and have sex without any expectations. At last, to stop seeing in every nice guy a husband and fight for the status of “his woman”, as if this is actually the highest award. Believe me, good sex can be a far more pleasant reward.

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