Why not see the network?

Olga Bespalova
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Why not see the network?

When the PC at home stops to see the Wi-Fi network, many immediately begin to call the service provider and wait for them to give advice, or until a specialist arrives at the house. However, it is often possible to solve the problem with the lack of a network by yourself: it will be easier, faster, and in some cases even cheaper.

So why not see your computer or laptop network? There are only three main reasons - the problem may be in the computer, in the Wi-Fi router or in the drivers. Consider them in more detail.

PC or laptop does not see Wi-Fi: reasons

In some cases, the PC or laptop may not see the network due to the fact that it has flown connection. On the keyboard (or cases) of many laptops there is a special button that turns on and off Wi-Fi. If you accidentally clicked on it, you could inadvertently disable access to the network and not notice it. In this case, simply turn on the button.

If there is no button, look at the Wi-Fi connection icon, located on the Start panel, close to the time.In the event that the icon is missing, go to the Windows settings and find the "Network and Sharing Center" there. Select there the item called "Change adapter settings" and make sure that the Wireless Network Connection is enabled. If not, turn it on.

The router or access point does not work

Sometimes it also happens that the Wi-Fi connection for one reason or another is disabled on the router itself. To get started, look at its case and make sure that the wireless light is on.

If not, turn on the wireless connection. This can be done either directly on the case (in a number of models), or in the device settings. In order to enter the settings, open any Internet browser and type in the IP address of the modem (a combination of numbers, which is indicated on its back side). After that, open the advanced settings, select the option "Wi-Fi" and turn it on. Save the changes and restart the modem.

Driver problem

In rare cases, it happens that in order for the Internet to work, you need to update the drivers or install new ones. Most often this happens after installing a new operating system or unsuitable drivers.In this case, simply reinstall them using the disks provided to you along with the equipment, or by downloading the drivers from the website of the network card or laptop.

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