Why does it get dark in the eyes?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
December 10, 2012
Why does it get dark in the eyes?

Feeling of weakness, nausea, severe headache, darkens in the eyes. Do you know these symptoms? Definitely answer why it gets dark in the eyes, we can not. But to see some features of this phenomenon, try it!

Darkens in the eyes

In short, a darkening in the eyes occurs most often due to a sharp drop in blood pressure. This phenomenon affects all those who in life experience severe overloads when blood drains from the head. To help you understand why it is getting dark in your eyes, consult a doctor. Because there may be several reasons for this.


It is normal when dizzy, dark in the eyes. These symptoms complement each other. But most importantly, find out the cause of dizziness. This often indicates an attack of acute hypotension. When, after physical exertion or a change in body position, blood pressure drops sharply.

Also, be sure to take a blood test and find out the level of hemoglobin. Often with a low level, there is a state of dizziness.Perhaps iron supplements will help you. The doctor will prescribe what you need. Do not self-medicate.

Stand up sharply and ...

Squatted - to talk or play with the baby, or gather strawberries at the cottage, or maybe cleaning the house - but when they stood up sharply, it became dark and uncomfortable in the eyes. You ask yourself the question: “What to do if it gets dark in the eyes when I get up?”. For you, there are several recommendations. If possible, immediately lie on your side. If this is not possible, get up quietly, looking at a fixed object. But, if you had a feeling that you would faint now, sit down and, holding your head between your knees, stay in that position for a few minutes.

Sharply dark in the eyes

So, it is already clear that the darkness in the eyes is an inadequate blood supply to the brain. But what other reasons are there and why is it getting darker in the eyes? But after all, hard physical labor or banal fatigue after the work week can also cause darkening in the eyes. When this happens abruptly and quite often, the doctor may attribute medicines to you to strengthen the immune system and blood vessels.

And, in general, the recipe is quite simple: lead an active lifestyle, eat properly, get enough sleep and alternate mental work with physical activity.

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