Why did the mammoths die out?

The basic theory of the extinction of mammoths

The most frequently used assumption is that these huge and powerful animals became extinct due to the glaciation of the earth and the changing climatic conditions in the northern hemisphere. 100,000 years ago the ice age began, during which almost all of North America and Eurasia were covered with ice. 10,000 years ago, the ice began to recede and its sharp thawing raised the ocean level by more than 150 meters. For this reason, there was a flooding of the northern part of Siberia, where mammoths lived and fed. On the other hand, forests began to spread and grow to the north, catastrophically narrowing the mammoth pasture zone. The animals did not have time to adapt, and they simply had nowhere to migrate.

One of the causes of extinction - the disease

Another version of the extinction of these animals may be due to the inability to cope with new diseases that appeared at that time. The active resettlement of people began across the globe and reached Asia, where they brought with them microbes, harmful microorganisms and various parasites.The story describes many cases in which all this “legacy” did not harm the carrier, but became deadly for another organism. Thus, the exposure of mammoths to disease was another hypothesis explaining the extinction of these creatures.

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