Why can not throw away baby teeth baby

It turns out that you can get stem cells from them that can save a person’s life.

Our body consists of tiny elementary particles - cells. Cells are divided into three different groups, each of which performs a separate function. Stem cells are young cells that later grow and become part of one of three groups. Their uniqueness is that stem cells can reproduce any type of cells in the body and even replace damaged ones. Studies have shown that stem cells can help fight cancer. Experiments are being conducted to determine the potential of stem cells in the treatment of other diseases, such as a heart attack.

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Stem can be taken from the teeth, as well as from other parts of the bone. However, it should be remembered that they must be properly stored so that they will be useful in the future. Doctors and scientists use several technologies to preserve and subsequently produce stem cells.

Nowadays, advanced moms retain cord blood for childbirth. But if this was not possible, then the milk teeth, each of which contains up to 15 stem cells, will help you to make a reserve. Just put the tooth in the refrigerator, and then send it to a special laboratory where you can get millions of viable stem cells. The tooth must be healthy, not filled and not damaged by caries.

Baby teeth can also be saved for children to use in scientific projects. Every future genius needs to start somewhere! You can experiment with how coffee, sugar or cola affect the color and strength of a tooth. There will be an excellent benefit - you see, the child will not want to abuse sweet and soda in the future.

However, treatment with stem cells is still an experiment, it warns. But who knows how far science will step in some 5−10 years.

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