Why are women more talkative than men?

What causes women to talk as compared to men?

Very often, women are called talkers because they talk a lot. Why are girls so talkative? The reasons for talkative laid in early childhood. As a rule, girls always start to talk much earlier than boys, and by the age of three, the girls 'vocabulary is almost three times as large as the boys' vocabulary, and their speech is more understandable and clear. And all because men do not have a localized part in the brain responsible for speech, while women have two in each hemisphere. When a man talks, he has an activation of the entire left hemisphere of the brain. This is the main reason for the talkativeness of women.
Features of the female brain of women allow them to do several things at the same time, which cannot be said about a man who can concentrate and do only one thing.But if a man knew how to do at least two things at the same time, it was noted in history as a miracle, and such men were necessarily considered unusual.Famous men who could do several things at the same time were Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar.

The findings of scientists about the talkativeness of women

To unravel the causes of women's talkativeness, scientists conducted various studies. And here are the conclusions they came to:
Most scientists are inclined to think about the emergence of the ability of women to talk in ancient times. While on a hunt, men silently chased the beast, while women, gathering roots and fruits, always had conversations among themselves.
Several scientists have proven that the testerone’s reason for men’s silence distracts them from various conversations and makes them think directly about intimacy (this applies to meetings with a beautiful woman).
According to scientists, women need more communication than men. Women in one company are able to talk at the same time, and at the same time understand each other, showing even greater interest in the topic under discussion.As for men in such cases, they do not like being interrupted and not listening attentively. This behavior of the interlocutor causes a negative reaction.
As a result of research, it was found that communication hormones, namely, excess oxytocin and serotonin, are the cause of excessive talkativeness in women.

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