Who became the winner of the Champions League

The men's handball tournament has held the Champions League tournament since 1956, and the last final was held on May 27, 2012. The German team "Kiel" only once in the last six seasons did not reach the main game of these competitions. This year, her opponent in the decisive match was Atletico from Madrid. The Germans won with a score of 26:21 and won the title of champion for the third time.
In women handball, the Champions League final consists of two matches. In 2012, the first of them was held in Hungary, on the site of the club "Gyor". The home team won it against the handball players of the Montenegrin Buduchnosti with a two-goal difference. In the return game, the athletes from the Balkans won with the same difference. However, in the away match, they were able to throw two more goals into the goal, and thanks to this indicator they became the winners of the Champions League.
The winner of the main prize of the men's volleyball Champions League in 2012 was the Zenit club from Kazan.The final game was held in Lodz, Poland, where Kazan in 2008 already won this trophy. In the final match of the Final Four, the Russian team defeated the Polish Skru in a hostile mood, as is usually the case in the games of the Russian teams in Poland, in a 12,000-seat hall.
In 2012, the Turkish team Fenerbahçe won the same tournament for the women's teams. And here in the "Final Four" participated the volleyball team from Kazan - "Dynamo". But she was able to win only bronze medals.
In the 2011/2012 season, the winner of the women's Champions League for the second time in a row was the French from the Lyon club. Their final game with the German “Frankfurt” gathered more than 50 thousand spectators in Munich and ended with the score 2: 0.
At the men's Champions League final in the same Munich, there were 12,000 more people present, and the London club Chelsea became the winner. Roman Abramovich's team was able to beat “Bavaria” only in the penalty shoot-out (4: 2), and the main and extra time ended with the score 1: 1.

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