White Rabbit Restaurant - a combination of style and elegance

The White Rabbit restaurant is familiar to lovers of gastronomic masterpieces and unique furnishings. Obviously, he became the best restaurant in Moscow. This fact confirms the fact that he was on the list of hundreds of the best restaurants from around the world. He rightfully ranked 71 in the international rating of the magazine Restaurant Magazine and The Diners Club 50 World's Best Restaurants Academy. It should be noted that getting into this rating and getting the title of "restaurant of the year" was an expected event and well deserved. All employees have done tremendous work for many years. Despite the fact that the institution has already received numerous titles, awards and prizes - its development has never stopped. White Rabbit improved along with the whole team, and every day it got better and better, and gradually it turned into the best and most recognizable place in the world.

Great combination of great look and comfort

For those who appreciate high harmony and want to admire the beautiful panorama of the capital, the Moscow restaurant White Rabbit is a place that should be visited. It should be noted that he rightfully received the title of "restaurant of the year."White Rabbit is a project of Boris Zarkov, as well as Alexander Zaturinsky. The interior decoration of the Moscow restaurant was worked out by the winner of the Architectural Prize Valery Lizunov.

For all the dishes cooked in the kitchen, meets the talented and experienced chef Vladimir Mukhin. It can perfectly combine the traditions of Russian cuisine and modern culinary trends. Chef Vladimir Mukhin studied culinary excellence by visiting the best restaurants in Moscow. Surprises await every visitor, because the chef tries to pleasantly surprise every guest. He offers well-known Russian recipes, but he unusually interprets them in his own way. Vladimir knows all the subtleties of Russian cuisine, which is why his dishes are always exquisite, tasty and his style has become recognizable. I would like to note that the young chef does not imitate the fashionable modern trends. He is true to himself and always adheres to the individual style that he has developed.

There is no doubt that this project is a wonderful combination of delicious cuisine, a cozy atmosphere, stylish solutions in the interior. This is the place where everyone wants to return again and again.White Rabbit will be to your liking, as young modern people who love bright colors, as well as people of age who just want to relax and have a good time at this restaurant.

Wonderful panorama

It should be noted that the Moscow restaurant is proud of the stunning panorama of the city of Moscow. Each visitor can independently choose a view that can be admired throughout the evening, including New Arbat, the dome of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that gleams with gold, the embankments of the Moscow River, the Hotel Ukraine, the Garden Ring.

Undoubtedly, the restaurant of the year White Rabbit is considered the most famous secular place in Moscow. It is here that secular parties with the participation of world stars take place regularly.

Having visited all the best restaurants in Moscow, you will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that White Rabbit is the best combination of uniqueness and sophistication.

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