White Chocolate Easter Eggs

White Chocolate Easter Eggsis a recipe.


  1. forms for chocolate Easter eggs
  2. white chocolate;
  3. food coloring;
  4. several small but deep cups
  5. decorative sprinkles and figurines
  6. toothpicks or small brush;
  7. candy filling - you can cook it yourself at home or buy ready-made chocolate paste.


We melt chocolate in a microwave (15-30 seconds) or on a steam bath.

Choose the color of chocolate Easter eggs, if you use white chocolate, then add food coloring (preferably oil-based).

Warning: you need to work quickly, because as you cool the chocolate will start to harden. It is especially difficult to work with several colors at the same time. If chocolate hardens faster than you can use it, then you need to put it in the microwave again for a couple of seconds. Another way is to add a few drops of vegetable oil.

To make an ornament of various colors and thin decorative elements - use a small brush.  

You can also use a toothpick to add small pieces of melted chocolate to the inside of a chocolate mold — use a toothpick or a   pastry bag with a small round tip to fill small parts in the form.

After the end of the addition of decorative details, we fill the decorated forms with melted chocolate. For this you can use a spoon or pastry bag. If you do not like filled chocolate Easter eggs, you can make hollow eggs.

Next, we make a chocolate egg shell:

For hollow Easter eggs, pour a small amount of chocolate into the shape. Lean the shape from side to side until the whole shape is filled with a thin layer of chocolate all the way to the top.

Set the form aside to let it cool and harden.

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