Which tile to choose: ceramic or porcelain stoneware

At present, a wide range of ceramics for decorative wall and floor cladding is presented in building materials stores. When a customer thinks about replacing a tile, he is faced with a question - what to choose: ceramics or porcelain.

Each of these materials has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are more interested in ceramic tile, pay attention to its characteristics:

  • lower cost;
  • a wide range of colors, textures, patterns;
  • low weight, so applying to the wall will not be difficult, even for a non-expert;
  • moisture resistance, hygiene, long service life.

However, there are also disadvantages. Thus, each individual tile has a relatively small size, and a grout is applied between them, on which mold and mildew may later appear.This happens if time does not clean. In addition, poor ventilation in the bathroom is affecting.

Due to the nature of the application of the image, the pattern can be erased if ceramics are used as a floor covering. The disadvantage can also be called the fact that under the influence of ultraviolet color fading occurs.

Porcelain is a more durable material, which is obtained from the same ingredients, but the production technology is significantly different: sand, clay, kaolin, quartz additives are pressed under enormous pressure and at high temperatures. As a result, strong molecular bonds are established. The number of internal micro vac is minimal.

Thanks to this factor, porcelain can be used in the most difficult conditions, for example, they are veneered with verandas, paths in the park, steps and floors in public places. It plays its role porcelain stoneware as a finishing coating in the bathroom, kitchen or toilet.

Of the minuses can be identified:

  • installation complexity - the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve 100% accuracy;
  • Only true professionals can cope with stacking;
  • prices bite - compare the cost of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

Based on all these features, it is safe to say that each of these materials can be successfully applied, since the choice is quite wide. Also, it is worthwhile to focus on your financial capabilities.

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