Which is better: shower or bath

A shower and a bath are equally popular, and in a large room, nothing prevents you from installing them together. But if space is limited, then sometimes the question arises, what is better to install. Both types of sanitary equipment have their advantages, so it is sometimes difficult to choose between them.

Why is it better to buy a bath? The main advantage is the opportunity to relax in the process of making water procedures. You can lie in it and enjoy the warm water. At the same time during the reclamation the skin pores are opened, the layer of dying cells softens and is washed away.

Under the influence of heat, blood circulation is stimulated, which allows for increased blood flow to the capillaries. Therefore, the "font" is preferable for people with problem skin. If you enter into their number - when you build a bathroom you definitely worth it.

A plus is a general relaxation ability. After a hard day's work, you can relax, rest, take hygienic procedures, without making extra efforts.Such water procedures contribute to the strengthening of sleep, can help with insomnia.

However, in addition to the advantages, there are a number of drawbacks. Because of its large capacity, it needs a lot of water to fill. In the absence of a centralized hot water supply, it takes time to heat this water, and electricity or gas is spending more.

Why choose a shower? The range of advantages of a shower stall makes it more preferable. First, the shower is more economical, and even a small flow heater is sufficient for preparing hot water. Secondly, the shower has an invigorating effect, so it’s good to take it in the morning.

When taking contrast procedures, with alternating cold and hot water, you can have a stimulating effect on the blood circulation, improve immunity by hardening the body. In addition, the shower stall takes about three times less than the bath area. For apartments and private new buildings, this is irrelevant, but in small houses of old buildings that were not originally equipped with amenities, every square meter may be on the account.

Also, the shower is a kind of stimulus of motor activity.If you can relax in the bath and lie there for a couple of hours, then the shower makes you move more. If you are used to save time and do everything quickly, then you should install a full-fledged shower.

Compromise option are combined products. They represent a bath equipped with a superstructure in the form of a shower cabin. Such plumbing equipment takes up less space, and if the area for bathroom equipment is limited to a few squares, it’s worthwhile to give preference.

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