Which cross stitch technique to choose - diamond, carpet or traditional

There is a lot of free time and you want to spend it with benefit, or you want to surprise your loved ones with a gift made with your own hands, or maybe just go make money? All this can be done with the help of various types of handmade. There is a large selection of various forms of needlework, among which you will definitely find something for everyone. Here are some of them.

Diamond embroidery

It is a modern embroidery technique that does not include the use of a needle. Diamond painting received such a “jewelery” name due to the unique manufacture of the product. Since the creation of such a picture will require jeweler accuracy and strict implementation of technology. What is a diamond painting or what it is also called diamond embroidery is the basis (self-adhesive scheme) on which multicolored diamonds are laid out with tweezers.This kind of needlework can also be practiced together with children. You can order quality diamond embroidery at http://hobbion.ru/almaznaya-vyshivka-na-zakaz.html.


This type of embroidery is perfect for novice needlewomen. Many people consider cross-stitch embroidery a rather boring form of needlework. But in fact, in addition to the well-known embroidery method, there are at least 15 types of embroidery.

Carpet embroidery

This type of hendmade survives its second birth, as its roots extend to the Middle Ages. This technique resembles a drawing made of a huge number of loops. For carpet embroidery need a special needle, hook and hoop. With their help, the fabric base of the future product is punctured, but at the same time a small loop is left on the outside. These "tails" are the basis of the figure. One of the advantages of carpet embroidery is the simplicity of execution. Even children can easily learn it.

All these techniques are fascinating and original in their own way. With their help, you can decorate your house in an original way or make a wonderful gift to a close person, but for the most resourceful, this is a good kind of income.

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