Where to go on a honeymoon

Expensive beach vacation, but organized as if specially for newlyweds, are offered today by travel agencies in Bora Bora (Tahiti). This is a tropical paradise for lovers, where employees will offer on one of the evenings to organize a picnic for two, which will include, in addition to barbecue and elite champagne, a boat with a rower. On other days, bungalows, a chaise lounge on the beach, and azure shores of the sea will be available to the newlyweds.
Newly-married gourmets can pay attention to tours to the city of Champagne (France) and to the town of Valls (Spain). In both places, amazing local gourmet cuisine. Newlyweds will be offered to settle in an elegant chateau or a family hotel with a tennis court and swimming pools with sea water.
More budget option honeymoon - holidays in Greece on the island of Santorini. This is a very romantic place with the cleanest lagoons, small houses along the edge of the sea, beautiful sunsets.
Spa lovers will spend an unforgettable honeymoon in Tuscany, in the town of San Quirico d'Orcia (Italy). Such pleasant procedures as thermal pools, bathing grottoes, wine baths, massages and others will capture the imagination of even experienced spa-goers.
With adrenaline, newlyweds can spend unforgettable post-wedding days in the town of Lagos (Portugal). Here they will be able to paraglide over the Atlantic Sea during the daytime, go surfing in the bay, and go horseback riding.
Istanbul (Turkey) will invite newlyweds to visit the oldest eastern city to visit its Turkish baths (hamam), to see scarlet poppies and tulips bloom all over the city in the spring, and a special romantic veil of heat and sun hovers throughout the autumn.
You should not save on such an important trip as a honeymoon trip. If possible, purchase a plane ticket to a business class, consult with the tour operator in advance how many stars the hotel offers for a holiday. By the way, there are special programs for newlyweds in travel agencies, with the purchase of which large discounts on elite tours are possible.
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Do not go on a honeymoon in countries with strict religious mores and laws. In some Arab countries, for example, police services may imprison newlyweds for an innocent kiss in a public place.

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