Where can I economically fly for the New Year?

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

New Year and economical - this is definitely not about the mojito by the pool, not about European sales and not about surfing on the ocean. Fly to the heat on peak dates will cost a pretty penny, and upon arrival you will also find that crowds of tourists do not allow to enjoy neither cocktails, nor waves, nor discounts enough. But in the New Year holidays, you can switch to not so popular and not so hot, but still fascinating routes. For example, see “Israeli California”, explore the Tunisian city of artists, discover the Georgian trendy get-together or taste real Armenian cuisine. There will be a sea of ​​new impressions and photos on Instagram, so it's not a bad thing that we will have to wait until we meet with this warm sea ...

Sidi Bou Said Tunisia

In this photogenic city you find yourself in an oriental tale. Sidi Bou Said is called Santorini of Tunisia, but in fact it is even better: there are no crowds of tourists and inadequate prices for hotels, but there are terraces with breathtaking views of the bay,colorful cafes and souvenir shops with local silver and many, many of the most white and blue houses, photos of which you are guaranteed to fill all the memory in the phone. Consider that in Tunisia both in high season and in low season it is easier to fly with a tour, and on the spot to plan your cultural program.

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Prague, Czech Republic

If you were not in Prague, then you probably heard about it. In winter holidays, the whole of Prague is like a chocolate Christmas cake in glaze: medieval attractions are powdered with snow, open bazaars and markets with sweets, there is an air of needles and cinnamon in the air, and the streets are adorned so skillfully that it is impossible to choose the best. Where to go in search of adventures outside guidebooks? Try to explore the restaurants at the breweries in the embankment area and have a look at the souvenirs at the market at Kolbenova station.

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