When is Vet Day celebrated?

Veterinarian is an important profession, because its representatives preserve the health of our smaller brothers. And so in honor of them every year a holiday is held. Find out when and how it is celebrated.

Dates of celebration

When is Vet Day celebrated? There are two dates of celebration. In Russia, the holiday is celebrated on August 31 of each year, and it was approved by the Patriarch Kirill of the Orthodox Church. He received a petition from the initiative group of the Agricultural Academy of Sciences and decided to coincide with the day of the memory of the great martyrs Laurus and Flora, who are considered patrons of our younger brothers (the requests of believers for the salvation and protection of animals apply to them). In 2011, in March, the abbot signed a decree according to which it was recommended to celebrate the Day of the veterinarian on the territory of the Orthodox Church of Russia. In the summer of 2014, the Minister of Agriculture transferred him to the category of state professional holidays.

Veterinarians are respected in the world, so there is an international holiday, which is celebrated in most states.It falls on the last Saturday of April: in 2017 it was 29, and in 2018 the date will move and will be on August 28. The day was established by the World Veterinary Organization in the two thousandth year.

Interesting facts: Laurel and Flor were brothers and lived in the second century in Byzantium. They healed the son of a priest in Illyria, after which the father of the healed converted to the Christian faith. This did not please the ruler, and he executed the brothers. According to legends, when their relics were found and discovered, the loss of livestock ceased, which is why Laurus and Flor were recognized as patrons of animals. And some believed that their archangel Michael himself taught the treatment of horses (in the icons, martyrs are usually depicted with them).

About the profession

A specialty by type of work belongs to the category of "man-nature", and indeed veterinarians interact directly with those whom nature itself creates-animals. In general terms, veterinary medicine is a separate branch of science that deals with everything related to the health of our younger brothers: treatment, injuries, diagnostics, pathologies, and prevention.

Veterinary medicine began to develop very long ago, the first mention of it was found in Egypt and belong to the era of about one and a half thousand years before our era.In the modern world, the beginning of the development of science fell on the eighteenth century, and France was officially recognized as the birthplace of the trend, since it was in it that the first educational institutions appeared.

In Russia, people involved in animal health appeared approximately from the 10th to the 13th century, but only after several centuries did the discipline begin to actively improve and develop. In those days, the main tasks of veterinarians included maintaining cattle health and stopping his death, as well as increasing the number of livestock.

Today, veterinarians perform a number of important functions: examinations of animals, prevention of diseases, prevention of the spread of infections and epidemics, treatment and elimination of consequences, conducting operations, sanitary control on farms, factories in agricultural enterprises, in circuses and zoos. Such specialists are in demand wherever there are fauna representatives. And the training of professionals in their field is carried out by higher and secondary special educational institutions.

Interesting to know: a real veterinarian should have many qualities, such as analytical thinking,love and compassion for animals, quick reaction to changes, ability to make decisions and adequately respond to any circumstances, attentiveness, fearlessness.

Celebration traditions

How to celebrate the holiday? Vet Day representatives of the profession often celebrate in a team, congratulate colleagues and accept congratulations from friends and relatives. Often they are collected by the authorities for the announcement of gratitude, the delivery of letters and prizes, the holding of festive receptions or events, for example, concerts.

Veterinarians in the holiday dedicated to their profession can give each other presents, arrange feasts and toast in honor of each other and their patients. During meetings, they often exchange invaluable experience, discuss the achievements of veterinary medicine and medicine, and talk about new methods of diagnostics and therapy, equipment.

In some regions and cities, local authorities arrange celebrations, awarding doctors and offering an interesting celebration program. The holiday is sometimes covered in the media. On this day, you can watch films and programs about the representatives of the profession, interviews taken from the best specialists on TV screens.

Variants of gifts to veterinarians

What to give the vet in honor of his professional holiday? Several variants:

  • Diploma "The best veterinarian."
  • The original figurine or toy in the form of a veterinarian.
  • Mug with a thematic inscription or image.
  • Portrait, cartoon or cartoon. On the image there can be present not only the recipient of the gift, but also any animal or even a whole plot from the life or veterinary practice.
  • Notebook or notebook and a good pen. Such a kit is certainly useful to the veterinarian.
  • Certificate. A woman can be given a visit to the spa, and a man will be happy to visit the bath.
  • Themed cake, for example, in the form of a doctor or an animal.
  • Book. This may be a work of art or a good encyclopedia, medical reference.
  • A profession representative will certainly be pleased to hear a poem dedicated to him or even a song. You can use the finished material, remake it or show imagination and creativity and create a new masterpiece.
  • A flash drive in the form of a veterinary worker or animal.

If there are veterinarians among your friends, relatives or friends, be sure to remember the date of the holiday and congratulate the representatives of such an important profession.

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