What watches are in fashion

As always, classic models remain outside fashion. Characteristic colors for the classics are black, white, brown and completely transparent. The standard form of the watch, a leather strap, the usual clasp: all this will emphasize your elegance, refinement and restraint.
Very relevant at the moment are bright and catchy models. Blue, purple, coral, orange are the dominant shades of this season. Pink, beige and light brown colors are gaining fierce popularity.
For the leading sports lifestyle developed a special sports watch. For these models were selected several colors: bright blue, rich green, wine, yellow and blue.
The trend of the season are watches with all sorts of pictures. On the dial, designers depict everything that comes to their mind. At the peak of popularity are models that depict bright butterflies, mustaches, people's faces, graffiti inscriptions, and skulls.Watches with similar images are the best fit for spring and summer wardrobe.
All designers are also interested in releasing new models with a large dial. Putting on a small pen, a large watch, the girl emphasizes her elegance and fragility. Not one dial of this size is complete without jewelry. The topical this season is the watch, on the dial of which, instead of numbers, rhinestones are used, and without numbers at all.
Designers this season have distinguished themselves in the selection of straps for the watch. Almost all materials are used that are possible, and not just metal, plastic and leather. Watches are becoming fashionable, which combine several materials at the same time, for example: a crocodile leather strap with metal inserts. For those who prefer bright colors, fashionable watches with multi-colored straps made of artificial leather, as well as straps in the form of scarves.
Those who are accustomed to not restrict themselves to anything will be attracted to models whose straps are decorated with inlays of pure gold or various expensive stones. If you can not afford this luxury, you can purchase simpler models: those that are decorated with pseudo-diamonds or other stones.
Modern designers have been released several models, the emphasis of which was aimed at functionality. In addition to time, such hours indicate the day of the week and date, and sometimes are equipped with an external compass. Each of the designers conducts experiments with a transparent mechanism in order to provide an opportunity to see visually how the mechanism works. Such models are especially popular among business people.

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