What types of weaving chains exist?

The chain is a favorite and beautiful accessory that never went out of fashion. It can be both a separate decoration, and added with a pendant, an amulet, a cross.

To date, the range of chains in jewelry or jewelry stores is so great that you can safely call this jewelry the most popular. Manufacturers offer their customers a choice of shortened and long, flat and bulky, classic weave and unusual kinds of chain. In addition, the chains are divided into male and female, are made of gold, silver and alloys of various metals.

There are a lot of types of weaving chains. To choose from this variety the right option for yourself, you need to learn more about each of them.

What types of weaving chains exist?

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Chain weaving: technological process

There are several basic methods for making chains:

  1. Manual knitting.Chains made in this way are classified as expensive. Manual weaving is a laborious and long process, as a result of which the most beautiful and reliable in terms of operational properties are obtained. Chain-strap jewelers tighten the gold wire of the desired thickness on a special machine. The result is a spiral. Only after this ringlets of the same thickness and diameter are cut. With the help of special tools, the specialist sequentially attaches each ring to the previous one, creating a specific pattern. After fastening, each ring is soldered at the junction. The minimum weight of each chain of manual production is at least 6 grams. To make the product flat, it is placed with the jewelry rollers, passed through them, and squeezed from the sides;
  2. Machine knitting.This is a technology in which special equipment is used. Machines are able to knit chains with thickness of links up to 0.2 mm;
  3. Stamping.In this case, for the manufacture of chains use stamped (finished) links. They are not soldered, but simply put one into the other. This variant of jewelry is cheaper than the previous ones.Stamped chains are highly susceptible to deformation, and quickly lose their presentation.

How are hollow chains different from solid?

Chains differ in the type of wire from which the rings are made. It can be hollow and solid.

  1. Hollow chain.The main advantage of this type of chains is its relatively low cost with an extremely presentable presentation. It is very voluminous, but light. For all the massiveness of the rings, inside they are empty. As a rule, this type is used for weaving complex, patterned chains;
  2. Solid chainChains of this type are much heavier than hollow ones. In addition, their cost is several times higher. Of the benefits, you can list the convenience of wearing, resistance to external influences, ease of care. If the whole chain is broken, it is easier to restore it - the jeweler simply solders the broken links and returns the original beauty to the product.
What types of weaving chains exist?

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Types of weaving chains

There are three main types of weaving - "Bismarck", "Anchor" and "Carapace". With the passage of time and the improvement of production technologies, there are many more varieties. Now there are over 50 of them.All types of weaving can be made in gold, silver or from a special alloy of metals.

1. Weaving "Bismarck"

Weaving "Bismarck" is a spiral interconnected and is considered durable. Freedom of ways of connecting the spiral gives a variety of weaving options:

  • Kaiser or Cardinal. This weaving is considered the most difficult, because it is done mostly by hand. Mating is a sequential joint located in different directions of the little rings;
  • Python - weaving similar to Kaiser and Cardinal, only more massive and voluminous;
  • Arab. Simple and elegant weaving. As a rule, this type is chosen by men;
  • Abinata Weaving is a consistent and longitudinal connection of rings. The result is a ribbon-like, durable and durable construction;
  • Bismarck glamor. Female version of the male Bismarck. Elegant weaving, its rings are decorated with cuts or have an unusual shape;
  • Single, double or triple Bismarck. A truly masculine form of weaving;
  • Fox tail, or royal, Roman weaving. The most luxurious and elegant weaving of this type.Chains are made by hand and have a very flirty look. In turn, the Fox tail is divided into three subtypes: classic, round, square. The chains made in the technique of this weaving are massive. In this case weaving is considered female;
  • Rose flower. Rings are connected in links in such a way that when combined they resemble flower petals.

This type of weaving attracts both men and women. The chain, made in the technique of "Bismarck", massive, but not bulky. It is self-sufficient and does not require additional pendants or pendants.

Triple "Bismarck" will suit a confident man. Single - to a teenager.

With the positive sides of Bismarck - unisex, durability, diversity - the owners point out the negative side: chains and bracelets made in the Bismarck technique need cleaning more often than jewelry made in other techniques. Between the elements of the chain is easily collected and stuck dirt and skin particles.

What types of weaving chains exist?

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2. Anchor weaving

Anchor weaving refers to the classic types of weaving and is a series of connected links, perpendicularly located relative to each other.The appearance of the anchoring weave is laconic and, as an independent decoration, the chain or bracelet does not look. They are suitable as the basis for the suspension, pendant, cross. The uncomplicated technology of weaving involves the following types of performance:

  • Single or double weave;
  • Sea weaving, in which the jumper in each link;
  • Twisted, in which the links are slightly twisted;
  • 1 + 2 - alternation of two large with one small link;
  • Venetian weave has thin, flat and rather wide edges of links.
  • The links in the chain are arranged in such a way that they resemble spikelets. Such a chain is universal, as it can act both as an independent decoration, and as a basis for a pendant, a cross. Suitable for men, women, children.
What types of weaving chains exist?

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  • A shell-like sea weaving, in which links with a bridge are twisted in such a way that they lie in the same plane;
  • Rollo straight and rollo twisted - a chain of round elements with a kind of connection between the links between them. Relatively recently weaving "Rollo" got a new name - "Chopard".They call it so now in honor of the famous fashion house Chopard;
  • Garibaldi - weaving, which is different round or forked links. This type of weaving got its name in honor of the heroes of the liberation movement in Italy - the spouses Garibaldi;
  • Weave with rounded or elongated links;
  • Cord It features a complex combination of elements, which together give a stepped or wavy pattern;
  • Aurora. This weaving is different in that it can only be done manually. Going to a chain of round links, is durable;
  • Hawaiian As a rule, chains of this kind are made up of bifurcated or non-standard rings. They differ in durability and durability in use. Anchor weaving strong and unpretentious, not twisted. It is not confused, not deformed, suitable for men, women and children.
  • Perlina. The weave of “Pearl” is balls connected by a gold thread. It is elegant and therefore is considered a typically feminine form of weaving. The minus is unstable. Varieties of weaving "Pearl": elements only in the form of balls or with alternation of spherical and barrel-shaped elements.The chain or bracelet of “Pearl” is worn as an independent adornment, and as the basis for a pendant or pendant.
What types of weaving chains exist?

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3. Carapace Weaving

Cord chain - durable. It is not tangled, deformed and tied into knots. Carapace weaving is considered a variant of anchor weaving, since the principle of connecting the links is the same. However, when armored, the elements are twisted in such a way that they lie in the same plane.

The classic chain of armor-weaving is heavy and therefore considered a male adornment. Varieties of chains:

  • Armored double weaving - links are connected through one. Outwardly heavy, and therefore recommended for men;
  • The armored parallel weaving is a combination of two parallel links;
  • Smooth jewelry lace is called "Snake" - "Snake". Weaving is convenient to use, does not twist and is easy to clean;
  • Figaro. This weaving is named after the famous hero Beaumarchais. Rather, the method of weaving this chain is reminiscent of its extravagant and inconstant character. The links of this chain are of different size and thickness, and alternate in the ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 5.The second name of this weave is “Cartier”.
What types of weaving chains exist?

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  • Singapore. The links are twisted in a spiral, the chain glints and looks self-sufficient and refined. This type of armor weaving will suit a woman rather than a man;
  • Nona, or Nonna, is an armored weave, the technique of which is similar to the Bismarck weaving technique. It is an intertwining of small details inside large ones. Products made in the technique of "Nona" differ in volume and ease. For this reason, non chains and bracelets are more feminine than masculine;
  • Love - translated from English means "heart". It is not difficult to guess that the rings of the chain are shaped like hearts. The derivative of this weaving is the “Snail” type. It transforms from Love by twisting a simple chain;
What types of weaving chains exist?

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  • Weave Clip differs from others in that the chain rings resemble stationery with the same name;
  • Corda - weaving, similar to twisted ropes;
  • A rhombus (rhombus) - weaving, the links of which have a rhombic shape, can be arranged one by one, two by two, and three rhombuses.Double diamond is used, as a rule, for the manufacture of chains, and triple - for bracelets. Because of its laconism, the rhombo is popular among the strong half of humanity.
What types of weaving chains exist?

Golden chain, SL;gold chain, SL;gold chain, SL(prices link)

How to make the right choice of the chain?

First of all, the fact that we choose for ourselves or as a gift is a matter of taste! But there are some valuable tips, which should be listened to:

  • Chains "Bismarck", as a rule, are chosen by men or as a gift to men. The exception is "Bismarck Glamor" and "Fox Tail";
  • For women, the types Love, Rose, Nonna are preferable. These are truly feminine options that will appeal to any lady;
  • The third option is "Anchor". Here everything depends on the person's preferences. This type of weaving is suitable for both male and female;
  • It is better for children to get chains like "Snake".

Chains can have different lengths. For women, it is advisable to buy chains from 50 cm. Length. Men are more suitable for longer options, and for children 40 cm will be enough. In any case, it is better to try on them.

Separately, you need to stay on the locks. They must be durable even in appearance.You need to try to unbutton and fasten it. After all, in most cases it will be necessary to do it yourself. There are two types of mounts:

  • Carbine;
  • Spring lock.

As a rule, both types of locks are considered durable and convenient.

If you are going to buy a pendant with a chain, you should make sure that the pendant eye is wide enough to thread the chain. In addition, the pendant must necessarily be somewhat heavier than the chain.

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