What to give to a friend on February 14

Valentine's Day on the magnitude of the holding is comparable only with the New Year. Despite the fact that it has purely European roots, almost all countries of the world once a year are covered in love fever. And when in the shop windows everything turned red with hearts, valentines and romantic gifts, how to be able to choose something worthwhile and not lose?

Smiling boy and girl with heart

Valuable does not mean dear

Girls, as a rule, begin to prepare a gift for a friend on February 14 long before the holiday. But if the financial situation does not allow "to roam", or the planned gift is too expensive, refer to the old wise rule - valuable does not mean expensive. How to understand this? For example, your lover in childhood adored some book, look for it at the flea market or in the online store of used books. If he is a fan of any musical group, try to get an autograph. Very often, performers send autographs in response letters to fans.Take care of this in advance and then you will be able to make the most memorable gift to a friend on Valentine's Day!

Postcard by own hands on February 14

Valentine can also play the role of an independent gift, and not a pleasant addition to something. Only for this will have to tinker and dream up. For example, you can make a large collage of your general photos, wishes, petals of flowers, which he gave for the first date, etc.

Delicious gift

Everyone knows the proverb about the anatomy of a man and the shortest path to his heart, and February 14 can be your "star hour". Delicious food is a real “love potion” that every girl can cook. If there is no way to invite a guy to dinner at home, have a picnic on the roof or in the park (just take a warm blanket or a bottle of something warming up).

Sweets in the form of hearts

Do you want to surprise a suspicious friend and hint about your feelings? This will help you win-win dish, which delighted all men - pizza. Bake a heart shaped pizza and do not feel sorry for the cheese. Sausages, cucumbers and tomatoes can also be cut in the shape of hearts.

Pizza in the shape of heart

If you do not have a natural craving for culinary magic, you can simply arrange the purchased dishes in a romantic style - put rolls or cakes in the shape of a heart or the words "I love you."

Useful gadgets

Today it is difficult to find a man who would not like or did not need computer devices. Take advantage of this little man's weakness and wrap it in your favor. It can be both useful devices in the form of a desktop air conditioner or an external hard drive, as well as cool gadgets, for example, a USB flash drive in the form of a typewriter or a USB-heater for a hand during long work with a mouse.

Original flash drive in the form of a dumpling

Favorite recently got a laptop - give him a special bag or backpack. He sits at a computer for a long time - glasses to prevent eye strain will show your caring attitude. In general, the computer theme is a win-win option for a gift in almost all cases and for any reason.

Hobby Gifts

If your friend has a hobby or passion of a lifetime, you are fabulously lucky, because in this case, do not wrestle with the choice of a gift! For lovers of healthy lifestyles fit dumbbells, fitness equipment, a coupon for health treatments, or just a hike in a real Russian bath with oak twigs and honey scrubs.

If the guy is keen on athletics, you can buy him a tracksuit, a professional running bottle or a pulsomer.

Friend is keen on extreme sports? In this case, it will never be superfluous to take care of protective equipment of good quality.


By and large, it does not matter what to give to a friend on Valentine's Day, the emotions that you put into the gift are important. Show that he is important to you in all its manifestations and with all his hobbies. Well, if the only hobby of a loved one is you, present yourself to him in stunning sexy underwear!

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