What to give niece?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
February 4, 2015
What to give niece?

Better than mom and dad, no one can determine the preferences and needs of their children. But how to be uncles and aunts, who guess what to give to their niece? The solution may be a direct appeal to the girl's parents, especially if she is young. You can also use the tips of this article, where we will try to offer several options for gifts.

Gifts by age

The first thing you should pay attention to is the age of the child. The baby will be interested in the gifts of her age category, which is impossible to surprise a teenage girl with. A child under 10 years old will gladly accept toys of multidirectional action, whether it is a doll or an exciting board game, as a gift. A young woman of 10-13 years old will appreciate cosmetics, bijouterie or an elegant dress. Girls of 14-17 years old will like electronic devices, jewelry, discount cards or a subscription to a beauty salon, a solarium or a fitness center.

Gifts for hobbies

Do not be discounted and hobbies niece.If she is engaged in figure skating, or some other sport, you can make a gift, bought in a specialty store and associated with her activities. But even if the girl does not show special preferences for the sport, any sports simulator will be useful to her, since no beauty will deprive herself of the pleasure of paying attention to her figure. It is also worth asking about her hobby - and then it will be clear that you can give your niece a gift in order to guarantee her gift.

A dream come true

Uncle and aunt can make an effort and fulfill his niece's cherished dream. Perhaps she wants to go to the water park, dolphinarium or go to Disneyland, and maybe her dream is to ride in a balloon or on a yacht. If you are able to fulfill your plans, then the best surprise is simply hard to find. The reward of uncle and aunt will be immense gratitude and eyes of the beloved niece full of happiness.

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