What to do with the fear of people

Very often the reason for such a fear comes from childhood: if you were offended by your peers at school, teased and humiliated in the courtyard, then you had to withdraw into yourself, to protect yourself from communication. And still you expect fromof peopletrick of trouble. Also, many are afraid of criticism, misunderstanding - this is due to low self-esteem, self-doubt. Closing up, closing in his own sink from everyone, a person loses communication skills, does not know how to behave properly in society. These problems only increase fear, there is a vicious circle that can be broken, forcing yourself to plunge into communication, like Baron Munchhausen pull himself out of the swamp of loneliness. Start the path to people with simple, but very effective exercises. In any store, contact the consultant with a question about any product. Talk about the pros and cons of the product, discuss it from all sides, and then give up the purchase.So you will not only practice in communication, but also learn how to express your opinion, insist on your choice. You can take an assistant phone: call any possible places, find out about the prices of tickets to the theater, cinema, train schedules, conditions of employment. If it does not immediately turn out smoothly and harmoniously, do not worry. After all, you can always stop the conversation by hanging up. Here it is important that you do not think about how you look, do not follow the facial expressions, gestures - to begin with, it is easier to communicate. On the street, ask passers-by what time it is today, how to go somewhere or drive. Ask in detail, specify details. Strangers will only be pleased to provide you with a small service, and you will acquire the skills of everyday conversation, gradually you will feel that communication can be positive, bring joy. It is important to realize that people first of all think about themselves, about how they look from the outside, and not about your precious person at all, they often feel insecure, shy - just like you. Try to come to their aid, conduct the conversation kindly, openly, with interest — only, if possible, not artificially, but from the heart.And fear will gradually pass away, in your personal life, in the professional sphere, new opportunities will open. If you feel that you cannot overcome fear of people alone, contact a specialist: a psychologist, a psychotherapist. He will help you understand the problem, find its causes and eliminate them.

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