What to do with ingrown toenails

Onychocryptosis - so in the scientific environment is called the disease, is associated with heredity. If someone among your relatives had similar problems, you need to be very attentive to the first symptoms of ingrowth, to prevent such unpleasant phenomena as swelling of the skin around the nail, purulent discharge, bleeding. In particularly advanced cases, the finger acquires a bluish-red hue, bleeds, and makes it difficult to wear ordinary shoes. Do not allow deep cutting of nails at the edges, do not wear too narrow shoes, which constantly puts pressure on the nails and does not allow the skin to breathe normally.
The method of treatment of onychocryptosis depends on the stage of the disease. If there is no pus yet, warm baths with manganese dissolved in water and baking soda will help. Dip your feet in the solution for 10-15 minutes. Then just wipe dry with a towel and try to gently trim the nail.Make sure that the cut is straight - do not allow rounding to the edges. Do these procedures three times a day until complete recovery.
If the nail is already very badly started, pus has appeared, then you can use ointments that pull pus out from under the nail plate. This is ichthyol ointment or Vishnevsky. At bedtime, apply a little of the product onto a piece of bandage rolled up in several layers, attach it to a sore finger and wrap it with a film on top. Fix the film itself with another layer of bandage. In the morning, remove the bandage and try to cut off part of the ingrown nail. Then process with hydrogen peroxide. In the evening, repeat the procedure. If after this the abscess does not disappear, then you should not postpone the visit to the surgeon.
If you are an advocate of alternative medicine, you can use aloe vera compresses. Cut a branch from a bush, put it in the fridge in the “zero” zone so that the aloe leaves become more healing. Then, in the evening, wash your foot and apply a cut piece of pulp along the skin. Secure with a bandage and leave overnight. Repeat every evening until full recovery.

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