What to do if the roof leaks

Pay attention to the presence of a protective film on the material. It must be removed only after installation. To get started, do the preparatory work. Fix the logs on which you will raise the roofing sheets on the roof. Also properly equip places for the storage of metal tiles. It is best to fold this material in the attic. In advance for this purpose make special racks.
You can walk on metal tiles only in soft shoes. Step on only the places where the crate passes. If you decide to move along the sheet, then put your foot in the deflection of the wave. When moving across carefully step on the fold of the profile.
Note that during the rain in the places of overlap between the sheets may be capillary effect. It is expressed in the rise of water above the level of flow between the sheets. It is in them that water can seep. In order to prevent this problem, it is necessary to make a capillary groove on the sheet metal.It will ensure the free flow of water trapped under the leaf.
In the market are sold sheets that have a double capillary groove. It is located on the left side. When installing metal tile capillary groove necessarily close the next sheet of roofing material. After laying the first sheet, you can install the metal tile to the right and to the left of it. In this matter, it all depends on your preferences. For example, you can start installation from the side of the roof where no sheet cutting is required. From this place you can already safely move in the direction of the junction of another ramp.
If you decide to install from right to left, then note that each next sheet should cover one wave of the previous one along with the capillary groove. If the installation is performed in the opposite direction, then turn the edge of the sheet under the previous wave.

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