What if the door does not open?

Each of us can get into such a situation when it is impossible to open the door of his house or apartment. The reasons for this may be completely different. In some cases, the lock is only slightly sticking and you need to use additional means for opening, in others it should be changed completely. Consider several popular cases and offer solutions to the problem.

How to open the door without a key?

First you need to try to determine the reason why the door does not open: the latch can move, the lock may break, the bolt - to jam. You can gently pry the door with a small crowbar or a screwdriver to determine where to hold it.

  1. If the latch is half-open, part of the turnover with the latch is not screwed on, the door remains half-open. To solve the problem, you need to slightly squeeze the door with a crowbar, and it will open.
  2. You can try to open from the inside: for this you will need to climb onto your balcony from a neighbor's apartment.The lock due to a strong breakdown may not open from the inside, but it’s worth a try. Otherwise, you need to call the wizard, which dismantles the lock.
  3. To open the door with a broken lock, you need to get to the inner contents. If the door has an English lock, you only need to drill out the cylinder mechanism. Then with metal hooks hook the drive mechanism. With other locks open the door will not be so easy. If there is a gap and the bolts are visible, they can be cut by a grinder, and after opening the door, the lock should be completely replaced.

Opening locks and replacing them

In case of serious breakdowns, the only solution is to open the locks and replace them with new ones. To do this, you can contact the special services that provide such services. Such organizations also offer replacement locks in a metal door with exit.

Open the old lock and change it to a new one should not only in case of its breakdown. The lock also needs to be changed in the following cases:

  1. Loss of keys. Even if you have duplicate keys, it is still better to change the lock, because you can never say for sure whether you lost the keys accidentally or stolen them.Perhaps they could also fall into the hands of intruders, so changing the lock is a reliable insurance against thieves.
  2. Buying a new door. Many new doors are sold with fairly simple standard locks, whose reliability does not suit buyers. Replacing locks in this case is also justified.
  3. Faulty lock. If his integrity was violated or he is seriously broken, even after the elimination of a malfunction, it is better to think about replacing. Broken at least once the design may break even.
  4. Breaking. If you were robbed, having opened the lock, then you should replace it with a new, more expensive, reliable and complicated mechanism. If the door also did not differ in special durability, then its replacement is also recommended.
  5. Buying a new home or moving. If you, for example, bought housing in the secondary market or acquired a new living space, changing locks for new and strong ones will never hurt. Also, you will be assured of the absence of duplicates from anyone else.

Any suitable organization will help to solve problems with locks qualitatively and quickly. At an affordable cost you will be offered the following services:

  1. Full replacement of the old lock on the new;
  2. Replacement of parts of the lock: the larvae in the locking mechanism, lever mechanism, locking mechanism;
  3. Recoding locks.

Why should you turn to professionals?

The professional has all the necessary knowledge and skills, has the necessary experience to solve the problem qualitatively and quickly. The master will do the job correctly, and later you will be assured of the quality and reliability of the lock. A non-professional can damage the lock or fix the problem of insufficient quality, so soon the lock may break again. You may then have to tinker longer, change the lock, and in the end you can spend more money than originally planned.

A good specialist can work with all types of locks: cross, English, lever, disk. They can be repaired or replaced in any premises: in the apartment or house, in the garage, in the country and in the office.

A good organization will perform services at adequate and affordable prices and will definitely provide a guarantee of quality for their work. A good and strong lock is the safety and security of your home, so make sure that it is strong, reliable, serviceable and of high quality!

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