What if the baby does not want to dress on his own?

When it comes time to give the child to the kindergarten, the most important problem is to teach the baby to dress on his own. Morning fees in preschool are similar to the marathon: wake up, wash, feed, clothe, shod. In addition to all this, still need to have time to get ready for work. Therefore it is very important to teach the baby to dress himself.

To teach this child is recommended from 2-3 years. This age is also called "myself," because it is at this time that children have a persistent desire for independence. The main reason that a kid does not want to dress is that he simply does not know how to do it. Therefore, if your child is at that age, our recommendations will be useful to you.

Learning to undress

In most cases, at first children learn not to dress, but to undress. Already at one-year-old age they are able to independently remove from themselves socks and a hat.

The beginning of this journey will be difficult, so parents will have to be patient, because the baby will not always dress correctly and very slowly. If you are late somewhere, start training a little earlier, or put it on half, prompting you to finish dressing yourself. While learning the difficult “science of dressing”, the child should feel comfortable and calm.

Usually, it is easier to dress the child herself than to watch how he ineptly tries to cope with the clothes himself. However, this is not necessary. The initiative of the child can not be suppressed. The kid should rely only on his skills and do not expect help from you. If he dressed wrong, do not criticize or laugh. After some time, even winter clothing will no longer be a problem for the child, and he will easily cope with it.

What to do if the child does not want to dress?

The ability to undress and dress is formed in stages, and you can help your child with this. Offer your child to do some of the lessons: self-thread hands into sleeves, straighten the dress, fasten her blouse, etc. You can also arrange an exciting competition: who will put on a T-shirt or socks faster.Children love to imitate adults, so lay out your clothes next to the nursery, and begin to dress together.

Parents need to make sure that the baby has suitable toys that will contribute to the development of the art of dressing yourself. For girls, these are, first of all, dolls with their clothes. Useful are all sorts of development aids - soft toys with valves and pockets, on which sewn buttons, velcro, ties, zippers, etc.

Thanks to these games, the child develops fine motor skills of hands and it will be easier for him to cope with his clothes. Also, girls, and boys as well, can be offered to arrange a “photo session” or “fashion show”. This will serve as an excellent reason for self-dressing.

So that the baby does not confuse where the front is, and where the bottom is, try to choose clothes with pockets in front.

To do any work, the child must first be interested. For example, you can offer to take a walk on the street or go cycling, but on the condition that he will dress up on their own. If the baby is naughty and stubborn, try to find a compromise.To quickly determine the choice, prepare in advance several options for clothing, and then agree to the one that the child chooses.

Fasten buttons

Children's things are not only on zippers, velcro, but also on buttons. You can teach a child to fasten buttons using the simplest game as an example. You need to sew a few buttons on a small piece of fabric, and make loops on another piece of fabric. Children enjoy playing this fun game and at the same time learn useful skills.

Put on shoes

Buy shoes with Velcro or zippers so that it can be easily unbuttoned and the foot easily goes inside. You are sure to fasten and unlock the Velcro and zippers will become the child's favorite game.

We put on pants

Parents should explain to the baby that it is more convenient to put on his pants sitting on the bed, stretching his legs in front of him, and that one can only get up after the feet come out from under his trousers.

How to wear a T-shirt

In order for a child to learn to wear a T-shirt or sweater, it is necessary that things are free. The number of buttons and buttons should be minimal. Calmly explain to the baby that you do not have to climb into the neck with your face,and the crown.

Before buying a new clothes, mentally imagine whether the child will be able to put on a new dress by himself.

If the kid was able to cope with it himself, be sure to praise him. He must see that he is proud and rejoice in his success.

Often, children are able to fully independently dress no earlier than 5 years. By this age, they are already able to cope with the greatest difficulties - laces and zippers. Kids learn pretty quickly, and often want to show that they are already adults.

Spend more time developing fine motor skills and practice every day. Remember that with the right attitude of parents, training a child to dress on their own will not cause even the slightest problem.

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