What should be the perfect gift for a man?

Each girl, looking at the calendar and clearly realizing the approach of Defender of the Fatherland Day, Valentine's Day or the birthday of her beloved man, falls into a stupor. What to give him? What should be a gift for a man? Why is life so unfair?

The first question automatically calls the second. It is known that it is much more difficult to choose a gift for representatives of the stronger sex than it is for us, ladies. Making a choice, we want the gift to be remembered for a long time, it was original and interesting, and, most importantly, did not play the role of a “dust collector”, was useful and was often used. And it doesn’t matter how old your man is - practicality is paramount.

Why do we deduce practicality at the heart of the matter? It is obvious! At its core, all men are monstrously pragmatic creatures. They are unlikely to appreciate the romance of a trinket, and they certainly will not be touched by a teddy bear. All this does not mean at all that it is necessary to exclude romance, preparing for the holiday.It is important to remember that any romantic dinner, picnic, walk should be supplemented by a practical and substantial gift that is proof of your care and love. Otherwise, a holiday is not a holiday.

When choosing a gift, you can refer to the classics of the genre. Those can be safely considered expensive pens and lighters, stylish or original ties, high-quality and beautiful leather belts, business card holders and diaries for business people, beer mugs and original piles for creative guys.

Another way to please your beloved man is to give something that he has long wanted. Call him to go shopping, but remember that for many it is torture, so offer iron motivation. Say that you can not choose underwear, a man must express a subjective opinion. Going to the lingerie store, do not rush, leave the opportunity for a man to "pozalipat" in the windows. There is a chance that his desired gift is somewhere nearby. Be sure to discuss what he saw, it may turn out that he was looking at any thing and was surprised at the “cranks” spending money on it. In the event that your man has long and clearly voiced his wishes, it remains for the small, to find and buy!

There is another way to choose a gift - pay attention to the character of a man.If the guy is distinguished by originality, brightness and creativity, give him a star or a hand-painted cell phone. Extremes will be delighted to tremble in the knees of a parachute jump given to them, a subscription to the hall of extreme sports. Jokers will appreciate the rally, but not simple, but original and cooked especially for them. Give solid men a weapon, such as a crossbow or a collection pistol. If the relationship with the person being presented is very close, then the gift can be intimate - a romantic night, a special dinner, a balloon flight. Or more mundane gifts - eau de toilette, a jumper, the main thing is that they tell about your feelings.

Remember, not guessing with a real gift, you doom it to gather dust in the cabinets, so do not refuse too quickly from intangible surprises. Try not to give the book, it is difficult to guess the literary preferences, and the presence of this book in the library is difficult for men to check. You should also exclude cosmetics, never guessing with preferences, skin and hair types, allergic reactions. Clothing is also not the best gift, no matter how well a man was familiar to you,it is impossible to predict his reaction to this or that model of clothes or color, and even with the dimensions today, not everything is so simple - one firm has an M shirt, the other one has an XL, and sit equally.

Based on the foregoing, remember that with your gift you show the attitude to the birthday boy. In case of failure in the selection, light tension between you will be present for some time. The price in the gift is not important, the addressing is important, so invest your soul. It's great if a man got what he wanted, and, most importantly, if he saw how you are trying to give him a holiday. Remember that in addition to the gift, you must bring a good mood.

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