What kinds of mixers are there and which are more practical

Classic Mixer Options: Convenient and Reliable

One of the most common and familiar mixers is the two-valve model. Such a device has separate valves for switching on hot and cold water, therefore, in order to select the appropriate intensity and temperature of the water jet, one has to perform a number of movements. This is not always convenient. But on the other hand, two-valve mixers make it possible to achieve a relatively small water flow and high accuracy of temperature control, so this model is very practical. An additional advantage of such models is that they are very reliable and durable, and if the device breaks down, it can be repaired with minimal effort, money and time.Such models can be complemented with ceramic discs or rubber gaskets. If the water is hard or not very high quality and contains impurities, it is better to choose the second option. If it is very clean - first.
Single lever faucet is very convenient, because it allows you to quickly and easily turn on the water if you have dirty hands, which is especially important in the kitchen. Moreover, you can even lift the lever with your elbow, if there is no other option. However, it should be borne in mind that the flow rate and temperature of water when using such devices is more difficult to regulate than when using two-valve models. Often, people turn on the water at full power, simply lifting the lever all the way up, and then adjust the temperature. If a large family lives in the house, the installation of such a mixer can cause a noticeable waste of water.

What are modern faucets

One of the most interesting modern types of mixers is a model with a thermostat and a pressure compensator. Such a device is complemented by two special knobs that allow you to adjust the temperature and water pressure. Both pens are complemented with numbers, so you can choose very precise settings.The advantage of this model is that it always allows you to maintain the desired water temperature, i.e. You can adjust the mixer once and then turn it on and off.
Unfortunately, faucets with a thermostat will be practical only if they are connected to a quality system of autonomous water supply. First, these devices are expensive. Secondly, they are very complex, and therefore fail faster than simple two-valve models, and their repair costs much more. Thirdly, such mixers are very afraid of strong pressure drops in the system and poor-quality water.

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