What house can be built on 7 acres?

Whether the dwelling will look organic on a plot of 700 m² depends largely on the taste preferences of the owners, as well as on the tasks that the house will solve. Maybe the site is needed for the garden, rose garden, Japanese garden? The most comfortable proportion between the area of ​​the house and the area of ​​the plot, in our opinion, is 1 to 10. When the house is 70 m² or 8m x 9m around the perimeter.

But this does not exhaust the question. The shape of the plot is also important. Not every shape will be 24m x 29m. It may not be so correct, and then the house must be chosen to match her. As for such a territory as seven hundred square meters, the rescue for planners is often the shape of a regular square. Consider three projects developed by MiraSrub. Each of them can start at any time.

Premier- the project of the house with a total area of ​​143 m², the dimensions around the perimeter are 9.8 m x 8.5 m, which is equal to 83 m², or 1/9 of the plot area.

The building is functional and comfortable. On the ground floor there is a terrace, a porch, a kitchen and a living room (12 m² each), a spacious hall, a vestibule, a bedroom, a bathroom,room under the boiler room. In the attic there are 2 bedrooms (one for 30 m²) and a hall, a bathroom for 10 m², a balcony. The cost of the house is 1,255,000 rubles. To go to the project page with all the details, click on the link: http://marisrub.ru/proekts/doma-ot-100-do-200-kv-m/97-premer

This is the estimated cost of the project. It is calculated on our price calculator, which is located on each page with projects. To calculate or recalculate the cost, you need to select the type (rounded, chopped) and the diameter (200-280 mm) of logs. For a comfortable wintering in a log house, we advise you to choose no thinner than 220 mm. For the calculation you need to put a tick near the column "foundation" and "fair roof."

"Sail"- a house with a total area of ​​142 m² and a price of 1360000 rub. Dimensions around the perimeter - 9.5m x 8.8m. The ratio of the plot area is almost the same as in the previous project.

In this solid structure, you can easily live all year round with a large family. The kitchen-dining room and hall are connected (43 m²), there is a spacious terrace, bathroom, boiler room, vestibule. In the attic there are three bedrooms (the largest is 20 m²), a balcony and a hall (12 m²). View images of the facade and search for other projects on the Marisrub company website here: http://marisrub.ru/proekts/doma-ot-100-do-200-kv-m/116

"Lake"- a building with a total area of ​​112 m ², along the perimeter - 9.4 mx 8.1 m, or 76 m ² from 700 m ² (7 sotkas). This house was handed over to the customer in 2013.

1st floor: living room (12 m²), kitchen (12 m²) and entrance hall (11 m²) form a single space. There is a spacious terrace, a small bedroom, a bathroom. On the attic floor there are 2 bedrooms (15 m² each) and a hall (18 m²). The approximate price of the house - 860000 rubles. These figures were obtained from the same data on the type and thickness of the material, the foundation and the roof. Link to the project page on the website of the company "MariSrub": http://marisrub.ru/proekts/doma-ot-100-do-200-kv-m/82-ozerny

These are finished projects. They are tested by experience, implemented, but not at all closed to creativity. Look at them with a fresh look from the beginner, and maybe you will come up with something special. In any case, call tel. 8-800-775-38-47 and we can always realize your wishes in the shortest possible time. For the project does not need to pay separately. And all adjustments will be made free.

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