What is useful Ivan-tea?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
October 8, 2014
What is useful Ivan-tea?

Ivan-tea is a popular name, but botanists call it narrow-leaved fireweed. This healing plant grows, as a rule, on the clearing, along the roads, not far from rivers and lakes.

By the way, not only inflorescences are used for medicinal purposes, but also the rest of this plant - roots and leaves. Medicinal decoctions, tinctures and even ointments are made from dried and fresh willow-tea. What is all the same useful Ivan-tea, that it is so highly appreciated? First of all, the fact that it contains just a storehouse of vitamin C - two times more than in lemon! In addition, Ivan-tea contains B vitamins and important trace elements such as copper, iron, calcium, and several others.

Useful properties of Ivan tea

Cyprus has a mild sedative effect, in this respect it can be compared with valerian. Also, infusions and decoctions have a diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibacterial effect. It can be used for headaches, diseases of the nervous, urogenital and cardiovascular systems.Doctors advise you to drink teas with Cyprus, if you want to improve metabolism, normalize sleep, strengthen the immune system, and also remove slags from the body. To learn how to make tea with boiling, read the article How to make Ivan-tea. It is not bad to use willow-tea and with catarrhal diseases, thanks to a large amount of vitamin C, fireweed will simply become your indispensable assistant during the cold season.

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