What is the motive

Motive as a driving force of activity

Motive is the internal and external driving forces that motivate a person to act in a certain way and to strive for a goal. It is due to the desire to meet a specific need and gives impetus, energy for the implementation of the plan. Needs may be due to instincts, as well as emotions, such as love, desire for revenge, etc.
In order for motives to induce a person to perform some actions, there must be an object of activity and goals must be set that the individual wishes to achieve in the process of his activity. Purpose and motive are not the same. The goal is what the person is striving for, and the motive is the reason why he strives towards it. One goal may have several achievement motives. For example, high salary, self-affirmation in society, the realization of their talents and abilities, the desire to benefit society, the need to support a family, etc. can be motives for building a career.
If a person has a desire to perform activities and achieve some tasks, this means that he has motivation.So, a motivated student, an enthusiastic employee, a stubborn athlete, generally a hardworking person, is motivated. The desire to achieve high results is called achievement motivation, the desire to lead and command - the motivation for power, the thirst for new information - cognitive motivation.
If a person’s motivation is weak, he will be reluctant to do his job, be lazy, tend to postpone things later, and the results will not be as high as that of a motivated person.

Motif types

Consciousness, values ​​and intentions are among the main consciously justified motives. Value is a personal attitude to the world on the basis of one’s own life experience and acquired and learned knowledge. Values ​​underlie the consciousness and activities of the individual, give meaning to life.
Convictions are the motives of theoretical and practical human activity, due to his knowledge and worldview. They are stable and often remain relevant throughout life. Beliefs play a role when the individual is guided in his actions, in addition to his personal desires and needs, by some ideas.
Intention is a deliberate decision to reach a certain goal at the expense of well-thought-out means and according to the plan. Thanks to the intentions of human behavior becomes organized.
Each individual has major and minor motives, the main ones influence his activity to a greater degree. Motives can be very different: organic (satisfaction of the natural needs of the organism), functional (activity), material (creation and acquisition of necessary items), social (interaction with society), spiritual (self-improvement).
The concept of "motivation" is broader. The motive is a stable personal property of the individual, which from the inside induces him to commit any actions. Motivation (the motivational system of the individual) is a set of factors influencing the behavior: motives, needs, goals, intentions, beliefs and attitudes, stereotypes, values, interests and impulses.

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