What is the meaning of certification as a compliance procedure

Tasks and objectives of certification

Certification is not only a controlling process. Yes, certification tasks include verifying that the product meets technical requirements, contract terms, regulations, and so on. The main purpose of certification is to protect the end user. The certified product or service has already been verified, so the user will not have to look for the necessary trial and error method.
Another important task performed by certification is to increase the competitiveness of goods and services in the domestic and international markets. It creates certain conditions under which the goods produced are able to spread throughout the country. The possibility of international cooperation and trade also depends largely on the correct certification.
It should be remembered that passing certification implies access of inspectors to a trade secret.However, the confirmation of conformity means not only the safety of the information received in secret, but also a guarantee of further information security.

Principles of certification as compliance procedures

First of all, information on the procedure scheme should be available to interested parties. Certification is based on certain technical regulations. There is a special list of products subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity. At the same time, facilities for which no technical regulation has been established are not allowed for certification.
Applicants who have applied for certification of any product or service may be confident in the protection of their property interests. For their part, it is also necessary to follow the letter of the law, since even irrelevant at first glance deviations can be decisive. In particular, mandatory certification in no case can not be replaced by voluntary.
In general, the certification system consists of the following parts:
- the procedure and rules for conducting the conformity assessment procedure;
- a list of regulatory documents for compliance;
- certification schemes;
- inspection control.
When passing through any certification, special standards are used - regional, national or international. There are two ways to indicate compliance with standards - a certificate of conformity and a mark of conformity.

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