What is the dream in which you see a fur coat

A fur coat is a prestigious and always fashionable piece of clothing. Sable fur coat even in tsarist times was considered a luxurious gift. But a fur coat in a dream, and dear and new, does not always promise a dreamer a joyous future.

Magic dream book

If you are dreaming about a fur coat, carefully consider and figure out your steps: there is a great danger of being involved in a dubious adventurous enterprise.

Star Dreams

Anyone who looks at a fur coat in a dream may suddenly fall into a false path. However, it is not necessary to despair: heavenly forces guarantee him protection and help. In some cases, the dreamer expects revenue.

The newest dream book

To dream of a fur coat - to an unreasonable and too much for you a great waste of money.

Russian dream book

Are you measuring a pretty coat in a dream? Get ready: wealth will soon fall on you, which is good news.

Modern dream book

If you dream that you are wearing an old, torn coat, you should know: you will soon have financial well-being.The same piece of clothing, but brand new, "spick and span", and obviously expensive, to a sad surprise. Dream interpretation claims to dream of a new fur coat when a person is in trouble.

If the dreamer is a young girl, in the near future she will have a fan - a rather wealthy person.

We bought a fur coat - you can be calm for your family: peace and harmony will now come to it.

Dream for the whole family

Do you dream that you are wrapped in a fur coat? Unfortunately, no matter how pleasant this action is, such a dream in most cases speaks of the coming solitude. But if you see him on Saturday night, then everything will be the opposite: a dream predicts an interesting promising acquaintance.

If a fur coat was presented to you in a dream, wait for real problems with money. However, the prediction will come true only if you had a dream from Sunday to Monday.

Fur coat shed, losing villi - to quarrels with her husband and children.

Small Veles dream

A white fur coat in a dream that you are going to wear promises illness. The same predicts yellow. But black, alas, prophesies death.

It seemed that you were trying on a fur coat of any other colors - to get a good inheritance.

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