What is long-term unemployment

When a person loses his job, a situation arises, as a result of which for some time he tries to replace the lost source of income with a similar one. With the passage of time, stress passes and worries about job loss are smoothed out, the intensity of the search for new work goes to no.

Persistent unemployment

Unemployment can be assigned a stagnant value if it is delayed for a long time. Often, long-term unemployment develops into voluntary, when a citizen is not consciously looking for work, getting used to living on state benefits. That is, state support exacerbates the situation, creating a sense of stability in a citizen who has lost his job.
Also, the indicator of long-term unemployment is replenished by housewives, who, after receiving an education, are not looking for work and do not acquire experience in the specialty. Or those women who, at the end of maternity leave, decide not to go to work. And here comes the moment when the concept of long-term unemployment becomes voluntary.
There is another related form of unemployment - hidden. It is also characteristic of many regions of Russia. Occurs hidden unemployment due to reduced turnover of the enterprise, reducing production volumes. In some cases, the organization does not conduct staff reductions, but transfers them to a shorter working day, week, or sends employees on forced unpaid leave. In fact, a citizen is considered to be employed, but does not receive a stable income. Some of these employees will find a side job or replace the source of income, resigning or applying for a second job. But most of these workers over time will stop looking for a way to get a job, waiting for a call to the old place of work.

Measures to combat persistent unemployment

At the state level, a number of measures are being taken to change the situation with unemployment in general. There are many programs that give the unemployed a chance to change their status. For example, in regions with a particularly critical situation with the availability of jobs, the state launches programs to sponsor the opening of small businesses, and gives quotas for job creation.
Currently, employment centers operating in all regions of the country employ the maximum number of unemployed. Undoubtedly, lucky if there is a place, similar in terms of working conditions and pay lost, which happens very rarely. Usually for those who are looking for work, the opportunity of temporary employment, hourly work. This form of work allows you to remain registered in UCZN and receive income.
Constant unemployment is a fairly frequent phenomenon and it is difficult to overcome it. Not many of the unemployed will venture to open a small business, and the more units will want to work for low pay and in a position lower than they deserve. The situation can be tackled at the legislative level by increasing the number of criteria for registering with the Center of Human Rights and for obtaining the right to state support. It is also necessary to create jobs and increase the prestige of working specialties.

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