What is infrastructure?

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What is infrastructure?

The term "infrastructure" has Latin roots, since in Latin infro means "under", the structura means "location" or "structure". From here we see the meaning of the definition: infrastructure is a complex of interconnected structures that ensure the functioning of a particular system.

So, our daily comfortable life with clean water, shops, public transport, telephone, the ability to go online - all this is provided by different types of infrastructure. There are social, transport, information, military, engineering and other types of it, which we will take a closer look.

Social infrastructure

What it is? This concept includes the following structures and objects - housing, utilities, enterprises that are associated with health care, facilities for leisure and recreation of citizens, etc. Activities aimed at improving the social infrastructure directly affect the quality of life of the population.

Engineering infrastructure

This is a set of structures that provide in the complex water, gas, electricity and heat supply, as well as water removal. These include external and internal communication networks, gas, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and power supply.

Information infrastructure

As an example of such an infrastructure, the objects of which are involved in the creation of the information space, we can cite the Internet. Also include advertising, online media, public relations, distance education.

Transport infrastructure

Engaged in ensuring the functioning and movement of transport, transportation of people and goods, engineering systems. The tasks of this infrastructure include the creation of conditions for the efficient operation of various types of transport and the placement of roads.

Also distinguish the following types of infrastructures:

  • Economy infrastructure - includes objects on which the economy and production of the country depends.
  • The military infrastructure involves a complex of military facilities, whose tasks include the provision of military training, combat training of troops.
  • Innovative includes structures conducting research activities.
  • Market infrastructure ensures the movement of goods and services in the market.

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