What is good variator?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 28, 2013
What is good variator?

The CVT is an alternative to an automatic transmission in a car. At the beginning of the last century, they were used for the first time. Their design was somewhat doubtful and they were not widely used. Therefore, more reliable automatic transmission simply pushed them. But today, more advanced technologies have eliminated a number of shortcomings for this type of transmission. Now he has become popular, let's consider, and how good is the variator?


  1. Its indisputable advantages include efficiency and effectiveness. It provides the best ratio between the axles and the engine. Efficiency comes at the expense of better torque.
  2. The principle of operation of the variator is different from the principle of operation of the box. The number of gears he can have is infinite, switching occurs very smoothly. Therefore, the movement occurs very smoothly, without jumps, it also starts smoothly and does not stall at the traffic lights, thus ensuring the normal operation of the engine.
  3. At high speeds the sound of the engine is uniform.
  4. Due to the fact that time is not wasted on changing gears, a car equipped with a variator will be faster at the destination.

Types of variators

There are many such types of structures, but two types of variators have become popular for use in a car:

  1. V-belt.
  2. Toroidal.

If we compare which variator is better, then today the V-belt variator has proved its viability in transport. For example, it works great with the Audi car engine. But the toroidal variator makes no less success. Such a car as the Nissan Gloria successfully uses this type of variator with its unit. And the latest engineering developments show that such indicators as the reliability and durability of toroidal variators have improved.

Buran variator

If we talk about which variable is better for a snowstorm, we must heed the opinion of experts. There are several types of variators that are suitable for a storm, such as: "Bars", "Safari" and "Alpina". Bars, for example, has several advantages over Alpina:

  • It has a lower price.
  • It has a high torque, therefore, developing at low revs, the traction capabilities of the snowmobile are improved. The quality of speed does not deteriorate.
  • For this type of variator, there is a large selection of components required for its repair.

Now you know what the variator is good for and how it can be useful to you. We wish you good luck in choosing!

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