What is the process?

December 19, 2014
What is the process?

It is impossible to unambiguously answer the question of what a process is, since this term is used differently in different spheres of human life. But initially its meaning, according to a translation from Latin, is the flow, the course, the movement. Now let's take a closer look at the most common meanings of this term.

The process in jurisprudence

In jurisprudence there is the concept of litigation. It can be defined as the procedure for the production of civil and criminal cases. This procedure is regulated by the rules, respectively, of civil or criminal procedural law. It is determined by the system of interrelated civil or criminal procedural rights and obligations of participants in the process, which are implemented in relevant civil or criminal proceedings aimed at the administration of justice in civil or criminal cases. The term “litigation” can be considered a synonym for “litigation”.

The following sentence can be cited as an example of use: “On October 1, 2002, the trial of Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovich began.”

Process in computer science

In computer science, the concept of a process is defined as a certain command that is currently being executed by a computer. Suppose a computer program is a certain set of instructions. By itself, it is not a process. But the process can be considered as running, as the computer will begin to carry out instructions from this program.

Example: "The process of checking the system for viruses and malware is completed."

Process in organization theory

According to organization theory, a process is a set of actions that repeat in time, have a specific beginning and end. Their goal is to create some value for the client, both internal and external. As an example, we can consider a business process when it comes to a whole set of measures to create a certain product or service for a consumer.

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