What is a dog?

Mark Mikhalev
Mark Mikhalev
March 20, 2013
What is a dog?

Dogs have surrounded us everywhere for many centuries, whether they are man’s best friends or dogs on the Internet. Let's see what a dog is.

Man's best friend

The dog, or Canis lupus familiaris (lat.), Is a biological subspecies of the wolf, the most common type of pet, along with cats. Zoology refers dogs to the family of canines of a predatory squad of the mammalian class. The dog, tamed by man, is famous for its ability to learn, loyalty, playful character, sociality and many other talents and skills developed in the course of training, training and breeding special breeds: hunting, horse-drawn, decorative, etc.

When distinguishing dogs by gender, the terms "male" - male, and "bitch" - female are used.

Dog as a curse word

Although the dog is known as “man’s best friend,” the word dog is used as an abusive word. There is no unequivocal opinion on the origin of this use of this word, but the most likely is the version that the negative color of the word "dog" was received from the Muslim world,where the dog is ranked in the category "nadzhis" (unclean, nasty thing, filthy). In other words, a Muslim dog is a dirty animal. In Russia, you are insulting the dog "probably moved through the Tatars.

Interesting fact: the Muslim greyhound is not a dirty animal, but on the contrary is an object of special worship.

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