What if small breasts?

This article briefly summarizes the basic recommendations for girls who do not know what to do if small breasts.

Option 1. Increase the chest

There are many articles about breast augmentation using various methods:

Option 2. Create the illusion of a big chest

Moreover, the concept of “big breasts” is different for everyone: if you have a first size, then the second one is already big for you. Push-up bras are very popular now. They visually enlarge breasts by 1-2 sizes. Bra makes the chest raised, and therefore more sexy.

Also, you can play on the contrast: to emphasize the chest with clothes: horizontal lines, two-tone top (light colors in the chest, dark - waist and below) visually increase the chest. Avoid very deep cuts. You can also use a corset: a harmonious difference between the waist and the chest is 20-30 cm. If you make a thinner waist even by a couple of centimeters (using a corset or corrective underwear), your chest will look bigger on its background.

Option 3. The most effective

And if these options do not suit you, and you still say to yourself: "I have small breasts, what should I do?" My advice is this: love yourself for who you are! After all, most likely, you have not only small breasts, but you are all miniature, slim. But many men love these girls.

Here are a couple of patterns revealed by psychologists that you can recall when you ask yourself what to do if a small breast:

  1. The ideal breast that serious men like is the one that fits in their hands;
  2. Men are more likely to choose girls with big breasts for fleeting romance, and with a small one for serious relationships;
  3. Many men first evaluate the girl's legs, and only then the chest (and still choose well-groomed and self-confident girls)

And why does everyone want big breasts? Have you ever thought that a small breast has undoubted advantages:

  • Small breasts look very neat. It is unlikely that it will quickly collapse, which often happens with large breasts;
  • There are no problems with the spine: after all, women with large breasts often suffer from back pain, because breast is also kilos to body weight;
  • There are no problems with the choice of underwear: an insane amount of various, beautiful models, as a rule, with cups A, B, C. Beautiful and comfortable underwear size D, E and more is very difficult to find;
  • A slim girl with a small breast looks better than a large girl with a large breast. A miniature body with a big breast looks out of proportion, and not beautiful.

Also, so that you understand that having small breasts is not bad at all, let me remind you of famous beauties who do not complex, and do not ask themselves what to do with small breasts: Keira Knightley, Mila Jovovich, Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, and even a socialite Ksenia Sobchak. None of them feel free to appear in glossy magazines. And, despite their small breasts, they have a lot of fans!

So all you need is to love yourself, care for your breasts (so that it is elastic and beautiful shape), and then they will love you!

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