What fertilizers are needed for tomatoes?

Soil for tomatoes must be fertilized, but reasonable. Fresh manure will accelerate the growth of the bush, but will not allow active fruit set. At such a moment it is more correct to dry the soil, to tear off part of the leaves. It is advisable to feed the root mass with phosphate fertilizers.
Lack of certain nutrients can affect plant growth. It happens that leaves fade or curl. Often due to inexperience, gardeners increase watering. The reason for this is a lack of nitrogen.
Lack of phosphorus is also detrimental to tomato bushes. The trunk of the plant becomes thin. The leaves become purple shade, curl around the edge. In the future may come necrosis, foliage will fall.
With a shortage of potassium on the old leaves, “burnt” edges protrude. Then they turn yellow and fall off. Young shoots can show a disease in the form of a slight yellowing. The fruit with a shortage of potassium and magnesium has brownish stripes.
The lack of copper in the ground also manifests itself at the time of growth of tomato seedlings. The leaves during this period turn white, grow weak. Flowers with a low content of copper showered with plants.
If yellow-green spots appeared on the tomato leaves, then brown, therefore, the plant became ill with chlorosis. In such a soil is not abundant magnesium. The stems, the leaves on the tomatoes wither, fall away. At this moment microfertilizers will help.
Signal about the lack of boron is the formation of many stepchildren. On the fruit formed dead tissue. The lack of calcium in the humus affects the upper leaves of the plant, they turn yellow, become deformed and acquire dead tissue.

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