What factors affect reproductive health

Environment and behavior

The environment in which the body lives, affects the ability to fertilize and reproduce healthy offspring. Frequent contact with various chemicals, polluted air, reduced physical activity, stress and bad habits lead to changes in hormonal levels, the development of malignant tumors. Under the influence of these factors, a woman may soon come to menopause, and a man begins to weaken erectile function.


Eating disorders have a serious negative effect on fertility. There are studies that show that diabetic men who need insulin injections have abnormal changes in sperm DNA. Diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract can lead to impotence and retrograde ejaculation.Vitamin D deficiency in women contributes to polycystic ovarian disease and changes in the menstrual cycle. Frequent use of alcohol also seriously suppresses sexual function.

Weight and age

Reproduction depends on the weight and age of the person. Girls who have a lot of extra pounds are more likely to suffer from disorders of ovulation and cycle. Patients have numerous cystic formations, elevated blood sugar levels, and estrogen imbalance. In turn, for men with too much weight decreases the amount of testosterone, which subsequently leads to erectile dysfunction and concomitant disorders of the reproductive system.
As for age, the biological ability to fertilize women begins to fade after 35 years. Girls who are approaching menopause often have chromosomal changes in their eggs, which increases the risk of birth defects in the future baby.

Other factors

Poverty is often associated with unsanitary conditions, in which conditions often expectant mothers are infected with infections that destroy their reproductive system. Multiple deliveries also significantly increase the likelihood of a woman dying from complications in the process of gestation and childbirth.The lack of qualified medical staff in hospitals, unsafe abortions, and improper treatment of existing ailments reduce the chance of having a healthy baby. And psychological trauma can not only have a direct impact on the general condition of the body, but also deprive the desire to ever create offspring.

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