What dreams of shards

What fragments dream about depends on what kind of shards are seen and to whom. Various dream books give their interpretation of sleep.

Dream interpretation Felomena

Fast problems are possible - that's what dreams of shattered glass. Problems may be small, but a lot of worries will deliver.

The dreamed fragments of a mirror predict essential troubles that can erase all the results of long labor. It is better to postpone the trip or an important deal for some time.

All troubles will be a side, if in a dream you saw shards from the dishes.

If in a dream you were sweeping up the fragments, then in reality you are going the right way. Do not be afraid of the upcoming changes - they will bring a happy life.

You naively look at life, what others use - that's what fragments of glass in your hands can dream about.

The splinter stuck into the body, says that in life you have a lot of detractors who seek to hurt you.

Many fragments scattered on the floor, dream to the ordeal and tears.

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