What dreams of paper, dream book

In dream books, paper often means red tape with documents. But depending on what actions were performed with the paper, the interpretation of sleep can vary greatly.

Summer dream

If a person sees in a dream a huge pile of finely written sheets of paper, it means that he will have a long red tape with documents.

Dream Aesop

Sheets of white paper are a good omen. Happiness and joy will reign in your family, life will be calm and serene. To dream of paper, which is very wrinkled, means trouble and misunderstanding at work. To write on a piece of paper - to commit a rash act. Subsequently, you will greatly regret what has been done. If in a dream a person completely tore the paper into small pieces, he will break off relations with one of his acquaintances. But it will be good, because this friend is a dishonest person and loves to slander. Your environment will respect you for such an act.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream in which there was a paper, - to loss. If in a dream you have torn or burned it, it means that you will soon finish the action you have taken. Scrolls of parchment or paper - to litigation.You need to pay attention to what color the scrolls were. White color - your side will prevail, any other - possible loss. Drench paper is a serious warning. Soon you will try to find out valuable information that can seriously harm your loved ones. Be careful and think about what to talk about.

Spring dream book

A dream about a sheet of paper that rustles a lot speaks about the spread of evil rumors about you. If in a dream you tore it, wait for worries. Gluing sheets of paper in a dream - you have to make excuses in the act.

English dream book

If the lovers saw in a dream a blank sheet of paper, it means that the feelings of their second half are sincere and sincere. Written up by intricate scribbles or stained paper - to trouble. A sheet of paper, written in a beautiful and clear handwriting, announces the conclusion of the transaction, which will bring benefits. Crumpled paper - to the bitter disappointment, neatly folded - to the realization of your intentions.

Dream Dream Thelomena

A dream in which you admired toilet paper is a warning sign. You can be a victim of a trick. Some detractor prepares your tripping.Stay away from strangers and do not talk too much. Try not to talk about personal secrets: curious ears can use this information against you.

If you dreamed of a few rolls of toilet paper, you need to end the relationship with an annoying person from your environment. To use toilet paper in a dream for its intended purpose (to wipe) is a good sign. This promises happiness, gifts, success and joyful events. Buying toilet paper says you can't say no. Learn to be categorical and resolutely reject unnecessary sentences.

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