What is the dream of an ex-wife?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 6, 2015
What is the dream of an ex-wife?

Naturally, in most cases, the man dreams of the former spouse because of the remaining feelings for her. It can be love, and resentment, and even hate. However, often this dream has other meanings that depend on the rest of its details.

In this article, we will tell you why a man’s ex-wife dreams.

Basic sleep values

Many dream books interpret the image of the former wife as a kind of warning to the dreamer about future business problems. It may indicate a quick financial loss and a loss in a business. In addition, such a dream may portend a meeting with an important person in real life.

A gentle meeting of a man with his former wife in a dream, as a rule, indicates that he, at a subconscious level, seeks to renew the relationship and return the woman. The same meaning has a dream in which the dreamer embraces or kisses the former spouse.

However, such a dream, according to some dream books, is interpreted in a different way.It can mean the development of a relationship with a long-time familiar woman that the dreamer has never previously perceived as a sexual partner.

The death of the ex-wife in a man’s dream foreshadows serious life changes in the near future. If, in his dream, the former spouse, when meeting him, passes by and does not even notice him, this is a sure sign of faded feelings. Such a dream suggests that the old love is in the past and your feelings for your wife will never return.

A dream in which the former spouse had a dream with another man speaks about the upcoming choice of the dreamer in real life. It will obviously be necessary for him to decide whether to continue living in the past and think about an ex-woman or finally change something in his present life. Such a dream also indicates a man's subconscious fears of new relationships.

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